Tips to Program Smart 453 All Keys Lost with OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus

Smart 453 has the same system as Renault Twingo III. In the previous post lists all available tools to program all keys lost via OBD.


Which tool to program Smart Fortwo 453 all keys lost?


Here we share tips on programming Smart 453 AKL with OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus.

After selecting All Keys Lost (Beta) function, do follow instructions strictly to complete the job.

If you have a working key, make sure you select [Add Keys] for operation
If you insist on choosing the [All keys lost] for operation, the machine will not hold the responsibility of the risks and consequences.
After performing [All keys lost], possible risks are:
Risk 1: after the key is cleared (UCH is reset to a brand new ECU), the pincode reading fails, resulting in failure of programming key operation.
Risk 2: the wrong pincode is read after the key is cleared (UCH is reset to a brand new ECU), after the key programing operation is completed through the wrong pincode, the key only has remote control, but cannot start the car.

Risk solution:
Risk 1: Use the original diagnostic tool to reprogram UCH online;

Risk 2: You need to perform [Reset UCH] function, then reprogram UCH online with OEM diagnostic equipment.

(The dealer key generated by the wrong pincode only can be unlocked by the wrong pincode!)

Obdstar Smart 453 All Keys Lost 1

Obdstar Smart 453 All Keys Lost 2

Obdstar Smart 453 All Keys Lost 3

Success stories:

1.br453 add key success, 12 – 13 minutes to read Dflash,  7 – 8 minutes to generate Code,  10 minutes to cancel Dflash, 4–5 minutes to program keys

2.I added an identical Smart key in 15 minutes last week.

5-7 minutes to read the Flash and recover PIN code.
Programming 2 keys in 2 minutes.


Done BR453 from 2014 today. Reading flash / delete / write and program took exactly 20minutes for me. + key cutting 5mins
X300 pro 4 + battery support. no green adapter needed. Using battery support is enough. Follow instructions and all goes smoothly.

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