Cheap Tool to Test Pump Antennas

As it turns out, you need a device for checking the pump antenna in many occasions .

You will be be charged $20-$30 for the tool. It is not worth the money! Do not get fooled!  You can get one at cheap $9 Auto Lock Inspection loop or you make one by yourself. 


Usually a wizard to adapt itself solder yourself. Explore a section of the wire, and some were taken from the diode, lay out a photo of the device below, photo shop and homemade options. I advise you to take a low-power LED from an old switchblade key fob or the signaling may be from old tidy SMD diode. And prepare coil fits shown picture below.



Good and true embodiment of the coil 160 mN = 43 turns of 0.25 to 45 mm diameter ingot.

Another option – a plastic 40mm diameter mandrel about 50 turns of 0.35 + LED. Checked – works.

Many use a coil of locks. FIAT Ducato old locks …


2mp cool.
Wire with relays, with LED signaling light.
That’s just not understand that determine pump is or is not present. For example, I’ve got Toyota Avensis of 2003 problem with IMMO, car warms up’re jamming in a minute does not start, the pump is not, then after 30-40 minutes can be got. What will determine the inflated, unit fault IMMO antenna or amplifier?

Auto Lock Inspection loop

The bottom line is that if the pump is that the LED behaves properly, if you do not recognize the key – a little bit different, and if there is no pump – is silent. We need to understand the whole problem in the car, in the key, or the antenna. If the scanner does not display an error in the IMMO box and the pump is not – turns of the antenna shorted or she unhooked or otherwise out of service, if the key is not recognized by the scanner can show error IMMO if IMMO no error – out of sync (usually after naprugi fall smoothly is especially in GM). If the faulty transponder key that is also seen. I immediately determines the cause is almost always such a sensor, and then to understand in detail the climb already scanner. And by the way the scanner displays error codes that power can be seen whether this or a block or something else.


In short:

Auto Lock Inspection loop is indispensable for locksmith or key programmer.
Checking auto lock loop, if light on means the lock has no problem;  if  light does not on means the lock loop has problem.
if have light on but can’t start car, means the chip have problem.
Here are some pictures display tested on CN900 key copy machine:
The tutorial is provided by a Russian locksmith. You are at your risk.

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