PCR 2.1 Swap by VVDI2, Smok or original AVDI?


Pcr 2.1 swap

Is it possible to swap with Xhorse VVDI2 VAG if I know CS, PIN and IMMO I try now on Skoda to change vin with success.




I was wondering to use smok to get immo cs, pin from donor Ecu.




You can’t finish this job with VVDI2. SMOK, AVDI work good with PCR2.1.


I connect dash and key from car on bench and use avdi to read immo etc from dash.
I then unlock eeprom on used ecu and connect to dash and key on bench.
I use smoke to write new immo data to used ecu. Done!
You need dash connected when writing immo data to used ecu, it change some info in mac address on dash when writing immo data to used dash.



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