CGDI MB Prog Update to V2.3.0 adds W169 All Keys Lost

CGDI Prog MB Mercedes-Benz key programmer software updated to V2.3.0.0 (2017-12-06).


CGDI MB Prog update feature:

1.Add read, wipe engine computer (ECU) function
2.Add read, wipe gearbox computer (TCU) function
3.Add read, wipe block computer (ISM/DSM/ESM) function
4.Increase support EIS W169 all lost collection
5.Increase support new BE key write function
6.Fixed the problem of the EIS W204 all lost collection error
7.Fixed the problem that part of EIS can not collect data completely when adding key collection


CGDI MB New update came out

ECU support type of Engine 271, 272, 273 read, write and erase

Add AKL for W169
Free Download CGDI MB V2.3.0 Software

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