Autek Ikey820 Key Programmer Review – A Ford Beast

Autek Ikey820 is an extremely good key programmer for American and Japanese cars, it is truly a Ford beast.


Here’s  a huge list of tested cars for the ikey820.


(AKL= All keys lost)

2015 Toyota H chip keyed ignition  AKL using bypass 16 min wait, ok

makes keys for 2018 Ford Explorer All keys Lost Keyed Ignition ok

2012 Dodge Challenger proximity, easy done

2004 Ford F-150 all keys lost ok
2017 Ford Fusion all keys lost ok
2003 Ford Taurus all keys lost
2015 GMC Sierra remote program ok
add key for 2009 Dodge RAM
Add key for 2004 Ford Ranger
program 2011 Infiniti G37 all keys lost ok
Program keys for 2013 Ford Fusion
Program Ford 2017 Focus High Security remote head key 80 bit chip
2008 Chrysler Town and Country under Type 4 Special Key
Add Keys for 2011 Ford Taurus
2007 Pontiac G6 All Key Lost
Program Mazda 2009 key
Program HONDA CRV 2009 add new key, all keys lost
Program HONDA Odyssey 2006 All keys lost
Program TOYOTA PRADO 2015 add keys
2008 Dodge Nitro All keys lost easy
IKEY820 2013 Honda Civic AKL
2011 Dodge Nitro AKL delete keys and add keys
1999 Honda Accord All keys lost done
2010 Ford F150 Raptor All Keys Lost done
2006 Chevrolet Impala AKL Circle plus done
2012 Chevy Silverado AKL done
2016 Nissan Pathfinder add key ok
2014 Nissan Sentra All keys lost by pass
2016 Subaru G chip add key and remote
2018 TOYOTA 4runner RHK add key and remote
Program Smart Key for 2017 Grand Carava

2015 Ford Escape prox add a key success.
2016 Ford Focus AKL success.
2010 Mazda 3 AKL success
2005 Honda Accord add a key success.
2006 Ford F-150 AKL Success. Bypassed 10 minute wait.
2011 Chevrolet Malibu AKL Success.
2008 Chevrolet Malibu add remote success.
2013 Toyota RAV4 add a key H chip success.
2003 Ford Focus AKL success. No 10 minute wait.
2013 Ford F150 Add a key success. 10 minute wait required.
2013 Ford Escape: AKL with 10 minute wait, success.
programming a 2017 Grand Caravan & messed up & selected Chrysler so I proceeded by 14 Town & Country which is the same system as a 17 Grand Caravan & it worked as well as any other token eaters I have or use
add key 2017 Pathfinder & I like it & it’s as fast if not faster then any token eater
add key 06 Maxima ok
2018 Ford EXPLORER All Keys Lost, Keyed Ignition
2018 Ford Focus add key okay
2018 Ford Escape AKL
2019 Toyota Corolla H Chip All keys Lost Immo Reset
2016 TOYOTA Camry PTS add keys Done
2016 Subaru G key add key and remote
2005 Cadillac SRX All keys lost B115pt PK3+
2015 Chevrolet Imkpala All keys lost
2016 Chevrolet Malibu All keys lost Pulled Pin and programmed
2014 Nissan Sentra All keys lost
2013 Ford Fusion 128 bit high security key done
2011 ford Taurus all keys lost done
HONDA CRV 2009 add new key
TOYOTA PRADO 2015 add keys
Program HONDA Odyssey 2006 All keys lost
2012 Nissan Altima remote and key programming
2010 Honda FIT Add-Spare Key
2006 Jeep Liberty Programming Key
Totalled 2016 Lincoln MKX Smart-Key Programming, no token success
2011 Ford Fiesta AKL done under 30 secs
2007 Magnum AKL Y164pt
2010 Honda FIT Add-Spare Key
retrieve pin code to 2013 Camaro
2005 Ford Focus – Recreating LOST Keys from Scratch – I-KEY820 is a Ford Programming-BEAST
PULL Jeep Wrangler PIN-Code and PROGRAM-IN a Remote-Head-Key

05 infiniti g35 AKL selected by vehicle and year, read BCM code, Programmed In 30 seconds Success

09 nissan rogue AKL twist prox, pull bcm code, program e-key  SUCCESS

2010 ford f150 AKL Used add key by model/year Bypass and program in 5 seconds SUCCES

2014 Nissan Altima AKL Used by model/year Bypass 20 digit code and program in 20 seconds SUCCESS

2008 Honda Civic customer only have valet and door lock is broken so he want add remote head key, Select by year/model, Program in 20 seconds SUCCESS

2015 ford f150 USA add key 128 bit T key, Selected by model and year add key , 2 minutes later it said insert new key and turn on SUCCESS

2007 Nissan Altima USA AKL , Pulled bcm and auto converted to old and new pin and asked which to use
Old unlocked and cycle ignition on to program, Out of there in 20 seconds SUCCESS

2016 Ford fusion titanium USA prox AKL

2017 infiniti q50 USA AKL, picked by model and year and it bypassed and programmed key in 20 seconds SUCCESS

2012 chevrolet malibu USA AKL, picked by model and year, 12 minute wait and key programmed SUCCESS, program a keyless entry remote under key and keyless, hold lock and unlock for 10 seconds and programmed in fine SUCCESS x2

2015 Dodge ram 2500 fobik AKL USA, selected ram 2500 and used the 2017 option, Pulled pin no problem  and Added 2 keys and erased old keys out of system SUCCESS

2010 Chevy Impala all keys lost, Selected by vehicle and after 12 min wait the key programmed successfully.

Buick Rendezvous 2006 – select Rendezvous 2004 type 2 key, 12 min wait, no bypass or shorter than 12 mins on this one.

Charger 2016 – No Pin read on these models even on MVP. Sourced Pin from dealer, select Charger 2015 and add prox.

added a key to a 2005 Dodge Durango and it bypassed the PIN and programmed the key in 5 secs

1999 Ford Ranger – No 10 min bypass but it added the key no problem.
2000 Ford Excursion. Programmed after 10 mins. All good.
08 chevy malibu AKL USA,12 minutes and programmed success
09 nissan murano AKL USA, plugged in and programmed in about 20 seconds SUCCESS
2012 Challenger add fobik, Read pincode after 1 minute wait time and programmed  OKAY
2007 MKZ AKL Tried with a simulated 40 bit 4d63 instead of the 80bit, success on Ikey 820. Copied to JMD blue chip and started car OKAY
2001 Eclipse AKL, Selected by vehicle and year, select key, only see option to add remote in there. Guess they just mislabeled the entry because it wiped previous 3 programmed keys(normal for these) and then added 1. OKAY

Dodge RAM 2016 add key: Read pin and add fobik in 1min.
Ford Mustang 1999, Parameter Reset for cluster change, 10 min wait, said okay. Delete stored keys and add back original key and 2nd key after maybe 8 mins. Started up.OKAY
2010 Ford Fusion AKL, Programmed fine after 10 min wait. Even MVP has no bypass 10 min wait on this one.
2016 Toyota Camry – Programmed “H” transponder and RKE separately, both successful.
2004 Infiniti QX56 – Automatically converted BCM and displayed old & new pin codes, added 2 keys successfully.
2003 Accord AKL, Added key quick, no 1-2 minute wait like on skp900, OKAY

2013 Cherovlet Cruze pulled pin and programmed 12 min wait success

2014 Chevy Cruze AKL, Worked a treat, read pin and programmed key, seemed like longer than 10 minute wait though. OKAY

2004 Ford Explorer – Added a key in less than 5 seconds!
2010 f150 key added in 5 seconds
2002 Toyota Solara – Added 2 keys successfully.
2012 Cruze did not power on with obd

2015 Chevy Cruze AKL – Pulled pin and programmed in 10 mins. No more 30 min OBP wait, OKAY
2005 Mitsubishi Endeavor AKL- Did not see the 2005 entry for this vehicle so picked 2004, same immo system. Did not work. Tried by system type and tried key system 1 and 2 but both wanted a pin. Finally tried 2006, which is a different immo system, and it worked. Maybe it was an 06 and owner was wrong dunno. OKAY
2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Add Key- Pulled pin just fine
2016 Ford focus went under 12 escape 10 min wait success
2010 Dodge Ram pulled pin and program no issues
2006 Dodge magnum r.h.k success pin bypass
2006 Ford Escape sucess bypass wait add key.
2006 Honda Civic sucess
2013 Toyota RAV4 add a key H chip success.
2006 Ford Explorer add key bypass wait
2008 Mazda tribute. Less than a minute
2005 Honda Odyssey very fast
2008 Chrysler 300c programmed but it was done under 2011
2008 Toyota Camry pts. Copy done quickly
2007 f150. Less than a minute
2009 Nissan Versa. Keys stolen with one remote. Erased all and put back the one they had until new one comes in. Took longer to scroll through the menu…
2014 Chevy Spark pulled pin under hmm, no option to program key…programmed under 2015…about 15 min start to finish
2016 Toyota Corolla prox fba suffix. Add Virginized proximity went right in
2016 Ford Mustang done under a minute
2006 Caravan added key
2013 Ford Explorer Add Key Success 10 min wait, but I feel like it went faster.
2011 chevrolet suburban programmed a 6 button remote in minutes
2010 jeep wrangler all keys lost OHT remote key. Pulled pin and programmed even the remote.
2007 Ford F-150 program in about 12 minutes
2017 Dodge Ram fobik done under 2015 ram key
2012 dodge charger tombstone…less than 90 seconds.
2009 Smart car. Done in under a minute.
2016+ Nissan Titan with prox key only gives option for keyed ignition and won’t communicate. Works fine under Murano though. FYI also uses the same prox
2016 Subaru Impreza all keys lost reset succes, add key success, remote add success
2001 Ford expedition 10 min and done.
2009 Accord okay
2013 Patriot no issues
2006 Cadillac cts AKL 12 minute wait
2013 Nissan Sentra PTS AKL success super fast
2003 Mazda 6. AKL, erased and added 2 keys successfully.
2015 Grand Cherokee Dealer pin Programmed successfully
2013 Dodge Ram Read Pincode+ program Fobik&Prox
2007 camry remote key Key type 2. Remote type 2 1 minute
2012 Mazda 2 Program successfully . Remote done on board
2009 Mitsubishi Galant. Only had remote as an option, but it did program the key in a few seconds under remote
2000 Lincoln Town Car 10 minute wait and done. It was akl only gave an option for that. If the customer only wants 1 key then piggy back the second ford key in with your service key. Quick easy money and no tokens spent.
2007 Pontiac Torrent. NO option on this machine. However Key programs under 2007 Chevy Cobalt and Remote under 2007 Pontiac g6.
2018 Nissan Altima, 5 button Prox. AKL under 2min
2015 F150 added key
2012 Ram pulled pin, erased and programmed pod key
2011 Impala programmed key
2001 Ford Mustang sucess 10 min wait akl. No add key so had to use ghost key to add .
2005 Ford Focus sucess 10 min wait akl.
2005 Pontiac grand prix
2009 Dodge Caliber Success Pulled pin. light continued to blink constantly for a long time. Turned ignition off then waited 1 minute then everything was back to normal*
2006 Mitsubishi Endeavor – added keys no problem.
2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee…Success in 1.275 seconds
2008 Honda Civic add RHK. Start with all ready programmed key took about 3 minutes if that.
Programmed 2016 Ford F250 AKL. 10 min wait, cycled 2 keys and fired up.
2014 Dodge Ram 1500 Success ikey 820. Programmed under Dodge Ram Used a GQ4-53t fobik remote IZY does not work dash will say wrong key. Pulled pincode
Do not turn ignition on during entire process. Fast programming under 2 minutes
2016 Dodge caravan, 2015 was last option. Pulled pin, erase keys, add 1 fobik and one pod key. Smooooth
2003 F150 no place to add a key erased their key and added two keys work perfectly 10 min wait
AKL 12 Mitsubishi galant Done
08 ford e-350 van Key type 2 7 seconds Impressive
04 ford explorer
2015 sonic pulled pin and programmed 12 minute wait. Immo light was still on after and cluster said l3 did a hard reset and good to go.
16 Ford explorer prox
Had to wait 8 minutes then programmed in
2014 Chevy Silverado Remote Program…Success
2013 Dodge Avenger, pulled pin and programmed RHK in a fla$h….
Yes I programed a 2009 chevy impala. With no trouble
2009 Nissan Rogue twist programmed key under ymm but programmed remote under system and type 1
2009 Chrysler 300 pulled pin and programmed under ymm
2008 Dodge Charger Daytona. Pulled pin and programmed under ymm
11 Pilot, add key…easy peasy. I like the way it programs the remote portion of the key also.
2016 Kia Soul programmed flip key
2007 Nissan Sentra twist knob pulled pin and programmed took about 1 minute
13 Chrysler 300 AKL pulled pin and program in about a min
11 Kia Sorento AKL program prox very easy had to get a pin code would not pull pin
14 doge ram AKL pulled pin programmed easy
09 equinox program remote
10 Nissan Sentra AKL programmed easy
2008 Toyota Tacoma toy44d – PT add key no problem
16 ford escape suscess
‘13 Kia Optima PTS success. Kia > By model > Keyless type 1
2008 Mazda 5 program the key for some matter of seconds
2014 Toyota Camry add Key – it was a success but I had to program the key twice for the security light to go out
2011 f-150 add a key 10 min wait and done
2008 honda civic. Took several tries but was successful
2014 F150 Add key 10 minutes and done.
2015 Dodge Dart pulled pin and programmed under type 2.
98 mercury mountanieer no option for 98 went under 99 10 min wait and key programmed just fine.
04 Cadillac CTS. AKL, 12 minute wait. Done.
99 ford explorer, akl 10 min wait and done
14 escape keyed add Said wait several min Bing Bing done in 30 seconds
2013 GMC Sierra SLT key and separate remote done and done
2013 Dodge Dart fobik sucess. Pulled pin and program.
2017 Ford Focus hs rhk sucess bypass wait and programmed remote at same time.
2017 Ford Fusion prox. Sucess
2005 Ford Taurus! AKL
Added a key to a 2017 Honda Civic in less then 2 minuets with the IKEY820.
Add key! Fast!
2000 Ford Focus. Owner had 1 key, computer said three. Erased and programmed 2 keys. Took longer to swap out the keys…
Just spent way too much time on a 2002 VW Passat wagon.
Pulled the pin with the 820 under type 1. Wouldn’t program until I removed the after market radio. This was to add a key. With the radio in the keys were deleted and wouldn’t go back in. But the good news for the 820 is that the TCode wouldn’t pull the pin with the radio on or out. And wouldn’t communicate either.
Win for the 820.
2016 GMC Canyon remote program Success … No option listed for keys
2008 ford ESCAPEE hi-bird
If it was 10 seconds i am Exaggerating
Well the 820 program a 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander proxy
2013 Ford C-Max under y m m ten minute wait and done keyed ignition
2013 Subaru Crosstrek, G key. Added a key. It has the protocol for all keys lost.
program de 2011 Nissan Pathfinder didn’t even have to add the PIN code program to 2008 Dodge Nitro rather pin program easy
00 honda accord key system 2
2005 Honda Accord add a key success
07 pont grand prix remote
02 expodition
2011 Sentra PTS. Easy peasy
06 Mercury Mariner…cx changed computer, selected add key…done in 30 seconds.
2009 Nissan Rogue under y m m pulled pin and programmed fast.
2008 Dodge caravan under y m m pulled pin and programmed fast.
2006 Ford 500 under y m m bypassed wait.
2006 Lincoln zephyr under y m m bypassed wait.
2010 Ford Fusion under y m m 10 minute wait.
2008 Dodge Caliber under y m m pulled pin and programmed fast.
2015 Ford f150 AKL .. h/s rhk 128 bit.
Start to finish 3.5 minutes
A WIN for today
2007 Honda Element Canadian add key sucess.
2015 Lexus ES350 and 2007 Nissan murrano twist start done
Didn’t even ask for a pin for the Nissan I love this programmer
02 jeep grand Cherokee. Programed key but does not pull pin
2001 Audi A6 pulled correct pin and programmed
2013 edge prox added , 10 minutes wait
05 pathfinder added key
11 rav 4 prox reset and added prox
2001 Mitsubishi Montero AKL Less than a minute start to finish and Done!
16 f150 add flip
Tester said please wait 10 minutes then 30 seconds later the lock cylced and key programmed
14 Altima quick and easy
15 journey pulled pin and program
14 avenger pull pin and program
14 Chrysler 200 pull pin and program
08 grand Cherokee pull pin and program
13 Fusion active alarm took about 30 seconds
These where AKL on all vehicles
2006 buick rendezvous akl “key type 2”, 12 min wait. 07 F150, akl, “key type 2” zero wait. 03 f150. wanted to add a spare key, didnt see provision for, did akl, 10 min wait
2009 Buick LaCrosse–program keyless remote-success
2012 Chevy Malibu-Keyless Remote-Programmed under “Key & Remote”-selected “Remote” (there were 2 other options for remotes that it would not program under)
2014 Hyundai Sonata–keyless remote–no option for remote only programming
2013 dodge journey-dup prox-pulled pin-easy peasy
2009 mazda cx-9-AKL-when you go it it lists 3 options all of which are labeled “KEY” the 2nd “key” option is what worked.
15’ Chevy Cruze. AKL. Pulled pin & programmed.
2009 Toyota rav4. Took less the 30 seconds to add a second key.
08 Jeep wrangler less than a minute
15 Nissan Pathfinder
20 digit pin
Programmed successfully
2013 Ram pulled pin and programmed.
2006 Altima
2018 Escape —- AKL ………. erase bypass took about a minute
2015 Ford Focus add 2 keys success
YMM > Key > Add Key
It took less than 20s per key
2007 Ford Escape under y m m bypassed wait.
2005 Mazda 6 under ymm instant program.
2009 Dodge Caliber under y m m pulled pin and programmed fast.
2008 Ford Fusion under y m m bypassed wait .
2015 Mazda 6 Prox add key….. SUCCESS in under 2 minutes from hookup to disconnect
AKL. 2013 Altima prox. program
all perfect
2010 Ford F150 Super Crew. Add Key. H92 M/M/Y 10min bypass. Success
09 maxima akl success
2013 Dodge caravan add Fobik, 2 min and done.
13’ Dodge Journey. AKL. Pulled pin & programmed.
2005 Ford Escape … success… Akl, but used add key. In and out in under a minute. OBP remote.
2007 ford escape program 2 keys 10 min bypass fast
12 focus add key 10min wait
2011 and 2012 Altima with a 14 impala today. Win win win
2001 Ford Mustang AKL success
17 cruze 2 keys needed
10 min with pin
2004 Lexus sc430 AKL no problem took about 2 minutes under type 2
2013 impala AKL 12 min wait
2018 Chevy Express van add remote. Big success! Now I can order 22 more
2016 Mazda 6 and 3. Akl worked fine.
2006 Nissan 350Z
M/M/Y pulled both pins and program. Super quick.
2007 Lincoln MKZ
Just did a parameter reset 10 minutes wait
2014 f350 add rhk. Sucess 10 min wait
2016 Mazda 6 prox. AKL followed the instructions
Programmed. About 3 minutes
2011 lexus lx570–add prox-less than 60 seconds
06 300 BAM, 04 ford explorer instant, easy peasy and I am tickled… I love this machine
2005 Honda Accord, Remote Key programmed. Remote portion had to be on board programmed.
2012 Prius programmed easy
05 Lexus RX330 Immo reset and Programmed successfully
2016 rav4 h chip add 1 minute
Remote system 2
2004 Nissan Maxima akl Success very fast. Pulled pin. Esc for old pin Ent for new pin.
2018 ford focus keyed ign. Success. Less than 4 mins
2001 Nissan Pathfinder AKL
2008 Dodge Avenger AKL
2016 Jeep Patriot AKL
2016 Dodge Dart FOBIK AKL (2015 on screen)
All faster than I could punch the keys
2010 Ford mustang add key success
‘16 Ford Flex smart key add success
‘12 Chevrolet Silverado Success
‘00 Ford Expedition Success, no bypass
Ford > By System > Type 1 (HEC)
2012 Ram 1500 added fobik keys in about three minutes….one to pull the pin and one for each new key
2009 Chevrolet Traverse y m m 12 minutes
2009 Chevrolet cobalt y m m 12 minutes
2009 vow Routan had to do under 2011 done in a minute
2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee had to do under 2007 for some reason but got it done
10 nissan rogue twist prox success
2009 range Rover flip key, add key success.
2016 sierra going down AKL nice truck
14’ Dodge Ram 1500. Spare GQ4. Pulled pin & programmed.
16’ Ford Escape. AKL. No wait
2011 jeep liberty pulled pin and done under a minute.
2013 Dodge Ram 3500 Add Key Success Under Ram-1500
2012 Ford F150 Add Key Success 10 Minute Wait
2007 pontiac grand prix-program remote
2014 ford fiesta-dup plain key-10 minute wait
2016 Toyota Sienna. Add prox. Done.
2016 Toyota Camry hybrid add prox in and out
2017 dodge 2500 programmed in seconds under 2015 ram.pulled pin.
06 durango 20 second
No need to enter pin does it Automatically
2000 Ford Ranger M/M/Y AKL 10 minutes done.
2014 ford escape Add key Advanced diagnostics 10 min AuteK 1.5 min
15 Silverado AKL pulled pin and program key 12 min wait
15 Camaro AKL pulled pin under 13 program key 12 min wait
07 mustang AKL less than a minute
09 impala AKL 12 min wait
09 Dodge Journey pulled pin and program
2014 Dodge Dart
Pulled pin under type1
Programmed fobik under type 2 Done!
2016 Toyota Camry Keyed ignition H chip Add master key duplicate SUCCESS
2005 Dodge Caravan AKL…Success! Used Pacifica Add Key Barely over a minute.
2010 Toyota rav4 akl programmed rhk both chip and remote.
2013 Dodge Challenger akl programmed pod key under y m m took about 2 minutes
2010 Ford Fusion akl under y m m erased and programmed 2 keys 10 minute wait
09 Avenger AKL Pulled pin- program.
07 impala akl 12 min and done
2017 Nissan Titan proxy Programmed okay
2017 Murano No problem.
2014 Ford Escape Add key, Did the bypass less than a minute
2016 Mazda 6. Programmed second prox
2008 equinox akl Sitting for the wait.
2011 honda odyssey-add rhk
2010 armada-add prox remote only
2011 toyota highlander-add g key
2008 honda pilot-all keys lost success for all-no issues
08 Honda fit akl
04 A4 Pull pin and programmed successfully
2006 Honda Ridgeline AKL Success
10 xterra keyed pulled both pins and programmed by itself no need to add pin nice
2014 Camaro pulled pin and 10 minute wait
2006 Dodge Ram 2500 pulled pin & programmed added key & remote functions, took about a minute
Add key 2006 Ford Escape, fast and no wait. 1998 Ford Explorer 10 minute wait. Love this machine….
2006 Commander AKL fast. I forgot to mention that it bypassed the pin
15 jeep wrangler pin / program Fast .
11 Mazda 3 programmed
15 optima flip remote Remote type 3
2012 Toyota Rav4 – add a second key (G Chip) – Succes
2017 Ford Edge new style prox add success. About 7mins
98 mustang. 10 min win
2008 F450 try to add a key with zed full and all I got was failure. Plug in little brother IKEY and almost instantly success with add a key
2012 Nissan Maxima akl pts easy money
2006 Honda Accord akl quick and easy
2017 Ford Explorer – add Keyless success. Less then 10 min.
2017 Dodge Journey, simple. Pulled Pin and Programmed Prox under 2min. AKL
2013 Acura RDX add prox success By YMM > Type 1
2002 Mercury Cougar add key success By YMM
2015 Lexus IS250 add prox success By type > Type 2
Add a key to 2011 Ford F250. 10 minute wait but I got to relax
2007 Pontiac G6 AKL program…12 min. wait. went great
2015 Camry Keyed ign success. add key type 2. pretty easy.
2005 Lexus RX 330, AKL, Cha-Ching.
2004 Dodge Durango dealer key since this is a problem child. Programmed in 2 seconds no pin needed. It was so fast I really thought it wasn’t going to work but worked perfectly.
2013 Honda Civic akl
2007 Tahoe 12 minutes and done.
99 mustang
03 crv
13 cruze keyed pin / program
2010 T&C —- wouldn’t pull pin under regular menu selection but pulled pin and programmed fobik under keyless go option.
2009 Toyota Camry —- programmed remote
2015 F150 King Ranch- Add smart key. Y/M/M. Key/Keyless type 2.
2011 chevy silvardo old style remote worked perfect
2009 Chevy Silverado easy money
13 dodge ram GQ4-53T fobik
Pulled pin and programmed
99 Honda Accord akl oldie but a goodie.
2007 and 2013 Honda Civic-
Add key/AKL- programmed right in
2016 Dodge Dart Pulled pin and programmed fob
2007 Toyota Tacoma- add secon key. No problem.
2011 Chevy Impala Clear and add nww remote
2010 Chrysler 300 AKL- pulled skim code and programmed fob right in.
2013 Chevy Malibu AKL- pulled pin code and programmed flip remote 10 minutes.
2008 Nissan Armada- Add key
Pulled BCM and coverted gives both the new and old pins
2008 Nissan Sentra, Same as the Armada
2013 Toyota Corolla, add key and remote head. Piece of cake
2014 Jeep Cherokee pull pin and program fobik
2008 Pontiac Grand Prix Program remote
2009 Mercury Mariner program key
2008 Ford Taurus program key
05 ford escape add key opt.1
2008 Chrysler Sebring convertible 2-door pull the pin program that about a minute
02 Nissan Maxima AKL bypassed pin success
2013 Chevrolet Cruze under ymm pulled pin and programmed.
2007 Honda Accord hybrid akl programmed to keys fast.
2016 Honda Accord rhk add key sucess.
09 Honda Civic akl h003pt. Smooth
2018 Toyota 4 Runner add rhk g chip
2017 F150. delete all keys and program in new keys
04 Nissan pathfinder…went straight thru
2008 escalade akl. 12 min wait and done.
05 Jeep Grand Cherokee No pin needed Programmed successfully
Add Key 2014 Ford Focus Success
Add Key 2008 Jeep Wrangler Succes
07 Dodge charger
Red pin and programmed successfully
Add Key 2004 Ford F-150 success
2006 Ford F-150 AKL Success. Bypassed 10 minute wait.
Add Key 2000 Ford Focus success
Add Key 2007 Mazda 6 success
AKL 2003 Dodge Ram success pin obtained through dealer
AKL 2016 Chevrolet Sonic Flip Key success pulled pin
2002 Cadillac Seville AKL program 12 minutes.
04 Jeep liberty Programmed used remote successful
2008 Buick Enclave under ymm 12 minutes
2014 Ford Fusion under ymm less than a minute
13 Chevy Silverado Programmed remote No problems
2014 Nissan rogue
2015 rogue
‘05 Ford F150 > type 1 > All keys lost. Success. No wait
‘06 Pontiac Grand Prix. 12min wait success
2009 Lexus RX 350 add a second key 1 minute wait. No problem.
2007 Jeep Wrangler, pulled pin and programmed remote key in less than one minute.
16 Ford explorer prox Had to wait 8 minutes then programmed in
Programmed a 2013 Honda Civic, Remote Key
2015 ram 3500 done in under a minute
2007 Honda odyssey done in under a minute.
Add Key 2017 Nissan Rogue Flip Key Success….scary fast and good instructions on screen
04 Ford Crown Vic 10 minute bypass Programmed in seconds
2006 Ford Escape add key sucess ,bypass wait
2006 Cadillac srx program remote sucess
2003 Windstar. AKL. bypass 10 min. Done
2011 Jeep Liberty. Add RHK-pull pin and program. Success
2006 Mazda 5 remote key programmed in about 30 seconds or less very very easy
2009 Honda civic in and out
09 Honda accord
07 dodge ram pulled pin and programmed
2011 Cadillac SRX under ymm . Pulled pin but didn’t need it for programming. 12 minutes wait and the on off button thing a cpl times
08 Ford escape akl h84. Easy as always.
2015 Ram prox pulled pin and programmed
12 Dodge journey Prox Success
2017 Infiniti Q50 programmed under ymm
2017 qx60 programmed under 2016
2017 Dodge caravan pulled pin and programmed under 2016
2005 cobalt remote. No go under type 1 or 2 for remote. Use 2006 type 1. Easy money.
AKL 2006 Ford F-150 15 second wait success
AKL 2010 Ford Fusion 10 minute? Wait success
14 Chevy Cruze akl pulled pin and programmed in about 10 minutes. Money
2009 F250 super duty literally less than 1 second
2009 Lexus es350 prox. In in out less than 1 minute.
2014 F250 – lost key (10 min wait)
2017 Veloster – remote (no go – no add remote option)
2011 Mustang – add key (10 min wait)
2017 Malibu – lost key push to start (no go-no option to force ignition on to retrieve pin code)
2007 Charger – lost key (pulled skim code add key right in)
2001 Honda Civic a.k.l. Sucess. Also interesting to know it has sync options !!
16 Nissan Pathfinder add key pts. Easy money
13 ford fusion Add flip key Under system 1
2001 Mustang, no add key, just AKL so I used NGS.
2002 Ford Focus no wait
2003 Ford Focus AKL success. No 10 minute wait.
03 vw jetta.
Pulled pin and programmed.
2010 Lincoln MKT pts chose ymm waited ten minutes and done
99 grand marques 10 min wait and done. 2 for 2
2014 Nissan rogue pts akl rolling code. DONE
11 Acura TSX in and out
2009 Nissan Murano push-to-start pull BCM program key
2015 Dodge Ram 3500 prox equipped ……. had pin (although it did give me a pin read option) — programmed right in
2013 Ford Edge add key success yay!
2015 dodge journey pts all Key lost
13 dodge carvan in and out very fast
14 chrysler 300. Pulled pin fast.
16 honda crv prox programmed
Honda CRV 2007 remote key programmed fine. Didn’t request pin code.
09 Altima pts akl 8903 prox. In and out.
2011 Ford F150. Add Key. 10 min wait. Success
2013 Ford F150 Add a key success. 10 minute wait required.
2013 Ford Escape: AKL with 10 minute wait, success.
2008 Nissan Sentra key keyless 3 success
Added a key for a 2017 Chevy Impala. Had to 10 mins added key successfully.
Did a 2015 GMC Terrain I pulled the pin under This suv but it did not have an option to program the key so I programmed it under a Chevy cruze Type 1 key it programmed in 10 min.
2018 Nissan Sentra – no issues usually it doesn’t ask – two keys in 3 mins
2006 Honda CR-V Worked 1st try.. .. …I have done the update…Anyway did 2 keys and it worked fine
Programmed a proximity key for a 2017 Ford Explorer, did it in 10 minutes no problem
Vauxhall Astra H van 2010 remote key, read pincode (Type 2). Didn’t try to program key.
Vauxhall Insignia 2010 remote key, failed to read pin. Programmed key in ‘By System, Type 2’. 10 min wait.
Renault Clio Sport 197 2008 key card, read PIN code and programmed card.
Renault Megane 2004 key card, read PIN code and programmed card.
Programmed a key to a 2006 Toyota Sienna.
2006 Pontiac G6.Programmed fine after 12 min (maybe a little less) wait
2012 Range Rover ALL KEY LOST. 5 Mins in &out
02 Mazda Tribute. Programs under 03. Only yrs offered 3,4,5,6,8
06 Nissan Altima. Pulled pin & Programmed.
2015 Dodge Promaster with Fiat key. PIN kept pulling up 77777 but after getting the right one from the dealer it programmed in fine.
2013 Dodge Challenger Push Start, pull pin, added extra key, sync push start
Ford Explorer 2001, ten minutes bypass. AKL, 2 keys cycle worked properly.
2015 Subaru Outback added a RHK real quick.
2017 Chevy express ikey did in 12 minutes under 2016
2010 Civic. The ikey820 did a fantastic job adding a key.
2011 Cruze akl make model year Pin code system 1 in and out
12 Mazda 6 Programmed no wait time
14 Dodge RAM by vehicle. PIN, program FOBIK and 2 Y170’s $$$ in the bank
2017 Nissan Altima. Programmed just fine.
2002 ford f150 all keys lost. 10 min wait cycle both keys In.
06 Pontiac G6 12 minute wait
02 Ford Explorer Trac 10 minute bypass Good2Go
2004 Ford Explorer 10 minute bypass good to go very quick
2014 Fusion (alarm on) AKL . Deleted & added 2 new keys. Not even 5 min.
08 Malibu.Took 10 mins for success instead of 12.
2008 Chevrolet Malibu add remote success.
2001 ford focus. bypassed 10 min
2011 Chevrolet Malibu AKL Success.
2016 Chevrolet Malibu akl programmed b119pt
the PIN on an ’03 Jetta was ultra smooth,
2008 Chevy avalanche under year make and model 12 minutes and done .
2013 Chevy Spark remote key would not pull the pin but after getting pin number 10 minute wait program key and remote
2006 Grand Prix —- AKL — success under Y/M/M
2013 escape akl add key h94pt
2006 Pontiac g6 12 minute wait
2009 Toyota Camry added to remote keys about a minute each and programmed remote part under remote type 2
2017 Toyota iA Push-to-Start….Success! Under 3 mins including duplicating the e-key. Programmed under 2016 Mazda 3 Prox. I used AKL option even though I was only adding, as customer purchased car used with 1 key.
2017 F350 keyed erased in about 5 minutes and cycled in 2
15 fusion prox in about 5 min. Score!
05 Honda Accord shell broke and lost chip. Reshelled and programmed.
04 Cadillac CTS successful 12min wait
2011 Dodge Ram 2500 fobik. Pulled pin and program success.
04 dodge neon type 2 VPW Programmed no issue Pulled pin with mvp
02 Infiniti QX4 no option under car list so programmed under i30. Auto entered pin code.
17 buick regal. Would not pull pin. Programmed key with purchased pin. Peps
10 infiniti ex35 prox calls for a 622 remote. Programmed in a cheap 903 repo after market.
11 Ford edge 10 min wait. 80bit.
08 ford explorer programmed
2016 outlander prox Erases all keys, add back in. Fob slot is under the radio
2015 Prius c No reset, h chip key, can delete and add with current master key
Rhk, added remote w,820
2007 Ford Focus, H92…
2000 jeep grand Cherokee had to buy pin but programmed fast
2014 Corolla H Key. Add key about 3 minutes.
2010 Mazda 3 add key. Remote portion done with obp
08 Chrysler town & country
Pulled and programmed y170 pod key
1998 Honda Accord AKL Type 1 by vehicle, Gone in 60.
2006 Mazda 6 key. Add new key.
2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse no option for add key erased and programmed no problem and fast. Program remote head on board
14 Fusion all keys lost with active alarm programmed in less than 2 minutes.
03 Audi A4 Programmed fast .
2014 Fusions
12 Escape
12 Focus
06 Pacifica
06 Commander
08 Silverado
08 Escape
10 Mazda 3
07 Mustang
05 Ford Five Hundred
05 Grand Caravan
12 Altima
08 Sebring
08 Ram
12 Challenger
10 F150
13 Fiesta
08 Nissan X-Terra ,
08 Buick lacrosse add remote, Success.
2015 Jeep Cherokee Prox. Gone in 60 seconds.
05 Cadillac srx pk3+ chip 12 minute wait but did it with no fuss
2013 Jeep Wrangler Pull pin Gone in 2 minutes.
2000 Ford Explorer – 10 minute wait success.
2008 Ford Expedition spare key
2009 smart car, done in under a minute.
2017 Chevy express ikey did in 12 minutes under 2016
Did my 17 Civic also under 16
2008 Ford Fusion RHK (add Key) under YMM. If it took 30 seconds it was my fault for not going faster.
2010 Chrysler town and country pulled pin and programmed 2 fobik fobs in under 1 minute
2015 Mazda 3 worked smooth
2012 F150. Add RHK. 10 minute wait and obp remote.
2015 ford escape. key programed crazy fast I would say about 2 min max . Loving this machine !!!!
2014 chrysler town and country prox .pulled pin programed fobik and programed push to start button.
2012 Nissan altima pulled pin and programed prox in slot .
AKL 2001 Ford explorer sport track programmed under 2001 Ford escape
2011 Chevy Traverse Programmed 2 remotes went real fast
Did a2006 Mits Galant went real fast only trouble I had was finding the right protocol 2 choices key 1 and key 2 tried under key 2 first and said error communicating failed then went under key 1 and it programmed in a seconds
Did a 2014 Nissan Rogue P/S programmed the smart Remote in 5 minutes It pulled the 20 Digit BMC and programmed at the same time.
2011 Honda City, AKL. CRV/FIT 433mhz remote profile generated via KD900 into NB-10 multifunction KD flip key remote with electronic chip. Immobilizer and remote programmed successfully in under 2minutes.
2009 town and country would not pull pin. Went under 2011 keyless and it worked
I did an AKL 08 Escape in Feb. No worries. Bypassed the wait.
2009 Jeep Wrangler. Read pin and programmed keys. Selected by vehicle/year.
Did a 2006 Ford Explorer Programmed 2 Keys in less than 2 minutes
2015 Mazda CX 5, added key fob. Quick bypass the 12 minute wait on a Grand Prix
Did a 2002 Ford Taurus programmed in 3 minutes
Did a 2004 Pontiac Montana van 2004 was not on the drop down list Tried it under 2005 no go then tried it under the 2003 and it worked with the 12 minute reset.
2011 Mitsubishi Galant. Added 1 key and 820 says success. Shows only one key so I tried both keys. Original key was deleted and net key was programmed. Had to go back in and program owners original key then add the new key. Anyway, still extremely quick.
2018 Infiniti QX60. Fast and easy!
I did a 17 Ford Edge akl. Same prox as fusion. Alarm not active.
I did a 2017 F150. It worked fine. Didn’t go the full 10 min. More like 6 or 7.
Did a 2016 Jeep Renegade P/S pulled the 5 digit pin and programmed in less than 3 minutes
2014 focus rhk , 2013 gr caravan, 2013 silverado remote all successful !!
2014 Chrysler 200 read pin and added a key in 30 seconds
I just did a 2015 Mazda 6 prox.the job was to add a prox.add prox failed so I cleared all keys and did all keys lost.went right in no problems.very easy
Jeep Patriot 2013 in minutes code and programming.
2008 Chevy Express van Akl 12 minutes
2011 Ford f350 add key 10 minutes
2005 Ford Explorer 4 seconds
Tiida 2015 in a matter of minutes get the pin and program without fight
2014 ford focus USED smart key added. even though it say failure key was added. pressing unlock button 2 times on fob. The focus key part # 164-R8048. Ok
2012 ford fusion OEM key . fob and key programmed 10 minute wait OK
2014 ford focus keyed ignition 80bit key added NO problem 10 min wait.
14 Dodge Challenger, prox- fobik. Pulled pin and programmed chip and prox.
I just used ikey820 to pull pin and program rhk for 2007 dodge ram.under type 2
Toyota cambry 2007 success with i820
2001 Mitsubishi Montero Sport programmed in a matter of seconds! I’m going to like this machine!
2017 push to start Lincoln MKC AKL bypassed security, done in less than 2 minutes.
Jeep Commander 2008 in fa didn’t request code
2010 Chevy HHR Program fob successfully
2012 Chevy silverado FOB Programmed OK
2010 Chevy Malibu FOB programmed OK
2005 Pontiac Grandprix FOB Programming OK
2006 Dodge Ram 2500 pulled pin & programmed added key & remote functions, took about a minute
2002 Ford taurus bypass programmed less than 1 m
2015 Toyota 4 Runner added prox in 15 seconds.
2006 Nissan Altima and 2008 Mazda3 both AKL. Both programmed quickly without a problem.

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