How to use Volvo PTT to Program Volvo Truck Transponder Key?


Can I can use PTT  Dev version 2.7  to program a transponder key for an FMX Volvo with all key lost?




Yes. Volvo PTT (Premium Tech Tool) Developer tool  2.7.25 is able to add key and program all keys lost on Volvo heavy duty models.


In case of add or delete keys:

The function is located in CALIBRATE section.

Go to Calibrate menu->3-Electrical system and instruments->36623-3 Add or remove keys.


To tun the operation in simulation mode select Run as simulated



Pair the ignition key with the CIOM so that the key can be used to start the vehicle

Note: In order to start the vehicle, each used key must be paired with the CIOM.


Calibration must be carried out when:
One or several new keys need to be added
-Only ne keys or keys that are already paired with this vehicle can be paired (keys paired with another vehicle will be    rejected)
-Once the pairing operation started, all previously paired keys must be paired again as a first step
-Finnaly, the new keys to be added can be paired


Key(s) need(s) to be removed
-Removal of keys from CIOM is done by pairing again all previously paired keys except the keys that will be removed


One or several keys need to be replaced by new keys. Replacement of keys must be performed in 2 steps:

-Pair again all previously paired keys except the keys that will be replaced
-Finnaly, the new keys to be added can be repaired

CIOM has been replaced by a new one.


In case of all keys lost:

You need to order a new CIOM.
Particularly the necessity to replace the CIOM by a new one when all the keys are lost.
Then perform key programming with Volvo PTT similarly as key adding procedure.

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