Can Yanhua ACDP Program Key for Range Rover New KVM SPC560B60L3?


1.Possible to program Land Rover Freelander 2 2012 all keys lost with Yanhua Mini ACDP?

2.if I can do key programming on new KVM of Range Rover? Like this in the picture.

Range Rover New Kvm 1


1.Yes. ACDP will do Freelander 2 2012 all keys lost.

2.  SPC560B60L3 smart mcu chip is used for Land Rover Jaguar 2018+ KVM (RFA) IMMO box.

To program smart key for this type, you need to replace blank chip first, then write data with Yanhua ACDP software and adapter.

Go to Jaguar Land Rover programming menu->Jaguar/Land rover new KVM read/write data (2018-) ->SPC560B60L3

Press Help menu to check instructions step-by-step

Range Rover New Kvm Yanhua Acdp 2

Range Rover New Kvm Yanhua Acdp 3





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