Program 2015 Nissan Leaf Key with Autek Ikey820

Today  I programmed used key to 2015 Nissan Leaf (adding the key) by using Autek Ikey820 key programmer.

Here’s the procedure:

Never done this car before. Had both working and second (used) keys in the car (I think this was my mistake). Tool connected, pulled PIN no problem, then asked to turn ignition on (no slot or place for smart key or I couldn’t find it). So I pressed Start button by working key. Tool was thinking for a while, than gave “connection error”.

Then comes scary part – original key stopped working.  Tried once more – same result. Dash still was turning on though and showing I-key error or something like that. It didn’t look good at all. But when I’ve tried to move the car, to my big surprise it moved! After some checking I occasionally found that second key (which was simply sitting in my pocket) now opens the doors! Then I removed this second key from the car and tried to program key with just one (original) key inside the car. Same thing – tool gave “connection error” at the end, but nevertheless, original key was programmed and started working again! I went outside, grabbed another key. Guess what? It stopped working! But when I took it inside and clicked start button with it, it also started working again .
Most funny part – after turning ignition on few times “I-Key error” disappeared too!
So even though it was scary, I’ve got two keys programmed with Ikey 820. By the way, SKP900 couldn’t do anything with this car (or at least I wasn’t able to do it).

Other Nissan done recently with Autek iKey820 – 2008 Nissan 370Z. Added smart key – one minute, automatic PIN, no problems, very easy.
2011 VW Routan add fobik – 2 min, no problems.

ikey820 is getting better, I think. It has many glitches, like other people stated. But it works on some newer cars than skp-900. It had paid itself.

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