VW ID48 Chip Clone by KD-X2, VVDI, Keyline or Autel


How I can copy the ID48 glass transponder without support by internet ?


Which is the tool I can use to clone multiple times and not have to pay individually for the calculation ?

I have to do about 300 chips.  I am looking for a machine for which I can buy a monthly or annual subscription to the ID48 clone procedure..

I have keydiy kd-x2. My problem is that I have to transfer $ 14 to copy for each chip. I couldn’t find a device that could copy without fee.



User experience:


Use KD-X2 for cloning, pay 12usd, plus 10% handling fee one by one for each calculation.



i have Keyline 884 decryptor mini which works great but keyline transponder is 25 euro . make your own calc.

no fee on calculation but 25 euro for single transponder is too much . and no it don’t work with oem china chip.



VVDI mini Key tool – One free calculation per day and you can write the same chip how many time you want.

But if you need to calculate more than 1 chip per day, this is not good for you.



you can use Autel im508 with XP400 – no need to pay for calculation.


Program 2008 Jetta Megamos ID48 Key with Autel IM508



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