How to Reset Mercedes Benz 7G TCU with CGDI MB?

CGDI Prog MB is possible to reset/erase Mercedes-Benz 722.9 7g TCU Transmission Control Unit.  Check step-by-step instructions below:


Run CGDI MB software

Select Auto Commuter function
Select engine type: TCU

Cgdi Mmb Erase 7g Tcu 1
Check wiring diagram
Follow diagram to connect cgdi mb with TCU

Cgdi Mmb Erase 7g Tcu 2

The diagram need external 12V power. must follow the diagram . Some EGS cable that customers buy from other website can not use with CGMB.

Cgdi Mmb Erase 7g Tcu 3

Cgdi Mmb Erase 7g Tcu 4

Cgdi Mmb Erase 7g Tcu 5
Read TCU information

Cgdi Mmb Erase 7g Tcu 6
Read TCU info success

Cgdi Mmb Erase 7g Tcu 7
Press Get to get erase password

Cgdi Mmb Erase 7g Tcu 8
Calculate erase password successfully.

Press Erase to reset

Cgdi Mmb Erase 7g Tcu 9
Erase TCU success
Read information again

Cgdi Mmb Erase 7g Tcu 10

TCU has been reset.



The EGS status , if “personalized ” option not marked , “Activated ” option marked,  the EGS has been erased by other tool . This status may will cause erase failure . you need to put it back to car to activate it first ,or use other tool to activate it . Then use CGMB to erase .

After software show you ”erased successfully ” , you need to read the EGS status to check if it correct erase . if not , reboot your cgdi ,do it again

If erase password can not calculate , send your file to CG tech support .They can help you to calculate

After you erased succeed , install TCU back to car, need synchronize with autel, mb star diagnosis etc

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