What Tool is Good to Make Keys for Volvo Cars?


What tool is good to make keys for Volvo cars, i.e XC60?

If from around 2010 models using the slot key , then many tools will do keys for these including , abrites , smart pro , TDB1000 , Autel, Yanhua ACDP etc , but it will take up to 5 hours with battery support and tester plugged in to read data and some fail with all kit .
OBD solution:

abrites do a stand alone dongle that isnt expensive , around £200 only , with this you can apply battery support to the vehicle , plug the dongle in and leave it in , return 5 hours later and if read successful code in the key via the dongle , but not all read 100% . This is your choice by obd .

EEPROM solution

You can also buy good eeprom reading tool , good dump tool to add keys to dump and remove and read the units from the car

Online access:
or you can buy dealer tool and online access.
Test and feedback:
1). I’ve done XC60 2012 slot key AKL with Autel IM608 take out the CEM read on bench and program the key by OBD – 1 hour job
2). Last time did make Volvo S60 2016 AKL (slot key+ keyless). Read CEM, read KVM, make key. All works. Use Autel IM608+ XP400 programmer.

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