Tips to Read Write BMW EWS3 Data with Autel XP400 Pro


Has anyone tried writing a key to an EWS3 module using the autel xp400 pro? I bought the eeprom expansion pack specifically to bench EWS modules but the adapter provided for the 0D46J doesn’t fit due to the lack of clearance with a relay on the board.  I could only read/write the bin for the chip itself. It wouldn’t let me write the key to it. Am I missing something here?




The adapter in the kpa set appears to just plug in and read, no need to clamp directly over the mcu.
It cannot write key because you just went by chip, you need to go make key by dump.

Save a new bin, then upload to perform the write via dump and finally succeed.

Check which adapter to use to read EWS3?

Autel Xp400 Ews3 2

Autel Xp400 Ews3 3

Ak90 or xprog is the way to go on these.

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