Autel IM608 BMW CAS3 AKL File Version Error 4096 Solution


I’m doing bmw Cas 3+ (0L15Y) all keys lost with Autel MaxiIM IM608. I want to program a new key on bench. this is the message I’m getting when trying to load the file, I’m connected to internet but still no change. please help what could be the problem

File version error. Error code: 4096.

Autel Im608 File Version Error 1

Autel Im608 File Version Error 2


You don’t need gbox and the jbox vci on bench. Just programmer.
If you read it on the bench under 0L15Y under xp400 programmer, immobilizer, bmw, cas3+(0LY15), read and save both eeprom and flash, then your done on bench, take vci and IM608 programmer to vehicle and you have to do make key by dump file and do 64 rolling attempts to match the vehicle with key.


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