Where to Buy Autel Universal Smart Keys?

Autel MaxiIM IM508 XP400 Pro/IM608/IM608 Pro released new IMMO program V3.94 adding remote generation function in xp400/xp400 pro.

IMM0_ Immo Program Version number V3.94

Release date 05/06/2022
1. Adds Universal Key function.
2. Adds Read Remote Control Information function.
3. Adds read & write function for IMMO modules for Hyundai Custo and Land Rover.
4. Adds read & write function for instrument cluster for VW.
5. Optimizes interface for dealer key generation.
6. Adds Open ESL function for Toyota.
7. Adds Close ESL function for Toyota.
8. Adds Reset ESL and Clear IMMO Data functions for Toyota.
9. Fixes bugs in airbag read & write function.

Autel Im608 Update Universal Key

There is a cool new feature in the Programming Menu.
Adds the ability to generate Universal Keys via the XP400/XP400 Pro.
You will be very impressed with the wide variety of vehicles that are covered by Autel’s Universal Smart Keys.

Autel Im608 Universal Key 1

Autel Im608 Universal Key 2
Autel Im608 Universal Key

Autel Im608 Universal Key 3

Autel Im608 Universal Key 4

But xp400/xp400 pro can generate Autel remote/smart keys ONLY. CANNOT GENERATE OTHER BRAND REMOTES. Only compatible with Autel Universal Keys.  Autel has 902mhz and they have 6 buttons key which xhorse does not.

Where to buy get Autel smart keys?

A series of Autel universal remote keys are available on obdii365.com.


Autel Smart Key 1 Autel Smart Key 2 Autel Smart Key 3

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