Autel Razor vs Premium vs Basic Smart Key

Autel released a series of universal remote/smart keys for universal key generation with MaxiIM KM100/IM508/IM608/IM608Pro.


Autel universal keys can be devided into 3 categaries:

  • Razor keys
  • Premium keys
  • Basic keys

Autel Razor Vs Premium Vs Basic Remote

What are the difference between these keys?

Razor keys: BMW style, supports all vehicle keys except 868MHz/915MHz;

Ford style: can be used on 868MHz/915MHz frequency keys only

Premium keys and Basic keys: have Chrysler Honda Ford Caddilac styles. can be used for most car brands except 868MHz, 915MHz, BMW Volvo

KM100 comes with 2 basic universal keys.

All Autel keys can be reused.


We will update detailed function of each Autel key soon.


Autel unviersal keys are aviabale on

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