Autel IM608 2019 Silverado Fault Code B3031 Solution


Any idea why the theft light won’t go away? Truck starts and runs but theft light stays on? It is a 2019 silverado LT programmed by Autel IM608.

Fault code: B3031 security controller in learn mode.

Autel Im608 Gm Fault Code B3031 1


If you did all keys lost you need to program 2 keys in. If you did add key and light is on just disconnect the battery for about 20-30 seconds (or 3 to 5 minutes).

Car is stuck in learning mode til 2nd key is added. Need 2 keys so it comes out of security mode.

If there are not 2 keys programmed to this vehicle that light will stay on. If there are 2 keys programmed then perform a battery reset and it should go away.




I figured it needed a 2nd key just had to get my hand on a 2nd key luckily my order came in today and we No longer have a theft light on anymore.

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