Autel IM608 Program BMW F20 FEM All Keys Lost on Bench

User feedback: He successfully programmed a working key (all keys lost) into a BMW 1 Series F20 FEM (M95128) Unit.

Tools used:

Autel IM608 with XP400 and Gbox2
Autel APA103 (Clip for the EEPROM so don’t have to solder it)
GoDiag FEM/BDC Test Platform

And here is a breakdown of method:

Step One – Connect the Gbox2 to the DME on bench and read the ISN Code and make note of it

Step Two – Dismantle the FEM and connect the APA103 Clip to the M95128 EEPROM Chip

Step Three – Go to Immo>BMW>System Select>EEPROM Operation and Read the EEPROM Chip (save the file of course)

Step Four – In the same Menu, modify the saved EEPROM data and re-save the new the file

Step Five – Write the new modified file back to the EEPROM chip

Step Six – Connect the FEM to the Test Platform and connect it to the Autel via OBD

Step Seven – Select IMMO>BMW>System Select>Immobilizer>Immo System Scan

Step Eight – Wait for it to finish loading and then select “Add Key” at the bottom

Step Nine – The Autel will begin “programming” and will take a few minutes to complete

Step Ten – The Autel will prompt to re-attach the APA103 Clip and write the original file (from Step Three) back onto the EEPROM Chip

Step Eleven – Connect the FEM back to the Test Platform and connect the Autel via OBD

Step Twelve – Go to IMMO>BMW>Smart Select and let it load the vehicle details

Step Thirteen – Select Key Learning, then select a free key slot and select Read Password

Step Fourteen – Enter the ISN Code from Step One

Step Fifteen – Place the key in the Test Platform Slot and wait for it to be programmed

Step Sixteen – Hold the key near the Steering Cowl and hold the Start button for 10 seconds

So basically those are the steps I used to complete the job and the key worked perfectly afterwards.



When you write the modified file to the 95128 EEPROM you are putting the FEM into ‘boot mode’ to patch the processor with the tool and test platform. You need to put the original file back which contains some of the original information back to get the FEM to boot properly again. I’ve not done this job with Autel before and I don’t know if it saves all the relevant security keys(there are more than DME ISN) for programming at a later date. Yes the FEM can be flashed back to a standard version by tools such as BMW dealer tool or Autohex.

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