How to Solve Mazda ‘Keyless System Inspection Required’ Error?

Here comes the similar problem:

Mazda 6 keyless 2013.Today costumer asked to program additional key to car, all went good both keys working central locks working, car starts with both keys, but on dash message come up (keyless system inspection required) anyone had this problem? how to get rid of that?

Mazda Cx5 Keyless System Inspection Required

Possible reason:

That’s happens when the new key has different number of buttons, or different part number.

It has to be exact part numbers.



You can fix it via All key lost, erase all keys and program two correct keys.

Either you have to program 2 OEM keys, or 2 Xhorse keys. It doesn’t work with 1 OEM and 1 aftermarket.


User report:

Had the same issue on a CX5. I had to use an Xhorse smart proximity key, then with special functions on VVDI Key Tool Max use the Mazda Smart key repair, read original key and write data over. Then perform all keys lost, rewrite original key and new key and the error was corrected.

Otherwise you will need an original Mazda key with exact ID, then do AKL and add in both keys.

Xhorse Mazda Id49 Light Repair

If got the Keyless system malfunction error, follow solution here

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