Original Xhorse VVDI Benz MB BGA Tool key programmer supports Benz key,reading password and prepare new key via IR.  VVDI MB tool is mainly used for key reading and writing, EIS tools,password calculation,key file preparing,ESL tools,ECU/Gearbox renew and many special functions.

Compared with other Benz Key Programmer, VVDI BGA  not only add the calculating function for BAG calculation, but also support calculate pin, CS, MAC from internet (online).

vvdi-benz-vvdi-mb-tool-bag-connection-1 vvdi-benz-vvdi-mb-tool-bag-connection-2 (1) vvdi-benz-vvdi-mb-tool-bag-connection-3 (1)

Latest Version: V3.0.0

Require firmware V3.0.0

Password Calculation: Read EIS under OBD mode will check car power automatically. Avoid lost data in EIS

VVDI Benz BGA Key Porgrammer User Manual

How to update VVDI MB BGA Tool Software &Firmware

1. Update Firmware
The program will read the newest software version from server automatically
Update firmware steps:
1) Connect VVDI – MB TOOL to PC with USB cable
2) Choose VVDI – MB TOOL firmware version from Firmware List
3) Press button Update Online, wait the progress end
4) If failed to get firmware list or get something like “communicate with server error!”
while update your device, close antivirus and firewall programs, try again. Change
your internet provider once failed again
5) DON’T shutdown your PC or disconnect USB cable while update device
Reflash Firmware List
Update Online Tool will connect to server automatically and download the newest firmware information. You can press reflash picture button if there’s no display. After you get information success, will display current support firmware list, the software support by specify firmware and the mainly include update information
Device Information
After connect VVDI-MB TOOL to PC and install USB drivers, Press button Device
Information, will show you VVDI-MB TOOL Serial Number, current firmware version and hardware version etc
Update Online
After connect VVDI-MB TOOL to PC and install USB drivers, choose you expect firmware version from firmware list, Press button Update Online, wait progress finish (about 3 minutes) (Require internet)
2. Update software
This function require internet support
Use “Menu ->Update Online->Software Update” to obtain VVDI-MB TOOL latest
software version, the software version require firmware version etc. Press Download Link will download the latest software
If there’s no display for software version, shutdown your firewall and antivirus
programs, try again

3. Latest Update Information
This function require internet support
Use “Menu->Update Online->Latest Update Information” to obtain VVDI-MB TOOL latest update information
4. History Update Information
Use “Menu->Update Online->History Update Information” to obtain VVDI-MB TOOL history update information

VVDI MB TOOL Function:

1.Supports BE key, read password and prepare new key via IR.
2.NEC V051,V057 support on board get paaword
3.All NEC keys support on board write and erase
4.Password calculate:support BGA keys,NEC keys(include 51,57version)etc.,work fast.
5.Support renew EIS and ELV
6.Support write EIS and ELV
7.Support online generate key file
8.Unlock ELV function will be released soon.
9.Renew other control modules function will support soon
Supported IR/OBD Model:
W164, W164 2009+

A166, W197,W212, W218, A246

A169, W209, W211

W172, W204, A207


W204, W207, W212 only by dump

W209 only by dump


W215, W220






Keys version supported:
v03, v06, v08,v05, v07, v09,v59,v61
Supports all BENZ KEYS after 2011

VVDI MB BGA Tool Update to V3.0.0 (2017-05-02)

*** 2017-05-02
*** Require firmware V3.0.0
************************************************** **********************
===== BENZ V3.0.0 =====
1. Attention: All user update device to firmware v3.0.0, software v3.0.0
2. New component released: MB power adapter, contact dealer for payment
(1). Support fast mode for W204, W207 lost all key (Collect data only 18 minutes)
(2). Support W216, W164 2009- lost all key, no need insert IR adaptor for many times, save manpower
(3). Support read W164, W164 2009-, W209, W211 EIS via OBDII without gateway support
3. For the old motorola keys: Support read and write, require NEC ELV adaptor(Menu->Special Function->Old Motorola Key)
4. For some old W906, W639 EIS can not read data via OBDII, we support disable key
5. Bugfix for read v57 version password from key with NEC key adaptor
6. Bugfix

Free download V3.0.0 VVDI MB BGA Tool 

VVDI MB BGA Tool V2.1.7 Update Feature:
*** Require firmware V2.1.7
===== BENZ V2.1.7   =====
1. Attention: All user update device to firmware v2.1.7, software v2.1.7
2. User manual v1.7 released, overview v1.7 released
3. BGA password calculation: bugfix for lost all key W216, W164 2009-
4. Exchange W204 ESL withou renew EIS. In ESL Tools, write EIS with password(Select Auto clear TP and personalized)
5. Activate key: Change key status from unuse to used
6. Bugfix for read v57 version password from key with NEC key adaptor
7. Bugfix
Free Download VVDI MB Tool V2.1.7 software
VVDI MB BGA V2.1.4 Update Feature:
1. Attention: All user update device to firmware v2.1.4, software v2.1.4
2. Support get password from w204, w207 EIS while lost all key
Free download VVDI Benz MB BGA Tool Software

VVDI MB BGA V2.1.1 Software Update Feature:

1. Attention: All user update device to firmware v2.1.1, software v2.1.1
2. Add connection diagram for new NEC key adaptor
3. Support repair W204 ESL fatal error and repair old motorola ELV. you need buy an extra adaptor for ESL
4. Bugfix

Free download VVDI Benz MB BGA V2.1.1




VVDI MB BGA V2.1.0 Software:
VVDI MB Tool V2.1.0 Update Feature:
Require firmware V2.1.0
1. Fixbug for write original NEC key via IR
2. Fixbug for show finish error information in IR read password
VVDI Benz V2.0.9 ( 2016-05-29)  
Require firmware V2.0.9
1. Attention: All user update device to firmware v2.0.9, software v2.0.9
2. User manual v1.5 released, overview v1.5 released
3. Support new sprinter W906 motorola EEPROM dump prepare key file
4. Support read password via IR for old motorola EIS (HC05, HC08, K-Line)
5. Support W204 ESL Emulator: only support VVDI W204 emulator, you must renew it before use
6. Support OBD read W164, W211, W209, W169 EIS without gateway, you need buy an extra adaptor
7. Fixbug for make only 1 key file in motorola EEPROM dump
8. Fixbug for read v51 version password from key
9. After read password from v51, v57 key, will fix the key automatically
10. Bugfix

VVDI MB BGA Tool V2.0.8 software:


VVDI Benz V2.0.8 software:

1. Attention: All user update device to firmware v2.0.8, software v2.0.8
2. User manual v1.3 released, overview v1.4 released
3. Add support renew/write NEC keys, keyless keys on board. Attention: New NEC adaptor is option component, Purchase from dealer
4. Fix bug in prepare key file for some B200 (W169) make key file
5. Fix bug in passwod calculation for some W216
6. Add support write renewed NEC keys, blank BGA keys etc
7. Bugfix
VVDI MB TOOL V2.0.7 Software:
BENZ V2.0.7

  1. Attention: All user update device to firmware v2.0.7, software v2.0.7, the lower version dont support password calculation
  2. User manual v1.2 released, overview v1.3 released
  3. Add support for renew ECU/Gearbox/ISM etc
  4. Fix diable key in K-Line protocol
  5. Fix clear TP in K-Line protocol
  6. Fix read key bug in password calculation
  7. Bugfix

BENZ V2.0.7 Free Software download: 



VVDI MB TOOL V2.0.6 Software:
BENZ V2.0.6

  1. Attention: All user update device to firmware v2.0.6, software v2.0.6, the lower version dont support password calculation
  2. User manual v1.1 released, overview v1.2 released
  3. Add support for disable key
  4. Fix bug for test W164, W221 EIS status
  5. Fix bug for write EIS data
  6. Bugfix


VVDI MB TOOL V2.0.5 Software:

  1. Attention: All user needs to update device to firmware v2.0.5, software v2.0.5, the lower version doesnt support password calculation
  2. Add password calculation for all key lost. Supports W166, W246, W212, W212(old). After succeed in finding password, it will need pay 2 calculation times
  3. Password calculation with working key support: add working key test before data acquisition
  4. Add EIS status test, working key test function
  5. Fix bug for OBD read W203, W639, W463(K) EIS
  6. Autodetect W212 EIS with ELV
  7. Fix bug for reading v51 key password via NEC adaptor
  8. Add IR repair key function
  9. Bugfix


Note: VVDI MB BGA tool update goes well, the following workable models are for reference only.


VVDI Benz BGA tool Feedback: 

1. I tested password from 212 new model super,good tool, need to pay 2 tokens ,it will take 10 min all ok .
2. Do you have see video of this tool? They say can do all key lost on w212. No tool can do it even Mehaco or nec pro51.
w212 eis on video, sure it can.. mehaco/mercedesinstrument can do all keys lost on w212.. the option is availible a few months.
3. Q:i tes read data with obd2 210 k line working and 204 car read with obd 2
but 211 not read with obd2 cable connect
16 12v
4+5 GND
14 CAN_L
pin 1 : ESL 1
pin 2 : GND
pin 3 : +12V (30)
pin 5 : CAN L (White)
pin 6 : CAN H (Green)
pin 7 : CAN L
pin 8 : CAN H
A:Read eis via obd for W164, W169, W211, W209, require gateway connected

Video Operations:

How to calculate Mercedes BGA key password with VVDI MB tool 

How to use the VVD MB TOOL to add Benz bga key


How to Change EIS for MB ALL KEY LOST with VVDI MB TOOL 

VVDI Benz MB BGA Tool do W212 ALL Key Lost


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