CGDI Prog BMW vs. Autohex II

Some people said CGDI Prog BMW is a clone of VVDI2,  others said it is Autohex replica. Anyway,  it does work and  will get your money back.


CGDI price with FEM around 700 USD, vvdi2 with BMW and fem around 2000USD, autohex over 2800-5000 usd, still $$ difference.


CGDI BMW vs. Autohex key programmer




Programming CAS / FEM keys
Extraction ISN from DME
Equalization DME CAS  (DME/DDE CAS adjustment )


Autohex II:


Programming CAS / FEM keys
Extraction ISN from DME
Equalization DME CAS (DME/DDE CAS adjustment )



User opinion:

I have cgdi bmw, at this time works good, cas3+ can read isn code and the FEM feature is free but can work. the best tool for bmw is autohex II but is very expensive than cgdi .

With isn from dme/dde it can do key in situation all keys lost, like another programmer. And there is no matter what you use – autohex, avdi, tango, cgdi – process is the same.  cgdi is good option.


For diagnosis and coding features, i can buy bmw icom with engineering hard drive, still cheaper than autohex/BMW explorer etc.


Reference: CGDI MB & CGDI BMW test report

CGDI Prog BMW and Mercedes Tools Test Report & Video


CGDI BMW activation:

Provide S/N to activate. Free activation for 90 days.
We will provide you free activation for another 90 days, which means you have 180 days free update.
After 180 days, you need to pay 10USD/month for update.


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