Autel IM508 IM608 No Enough Storage Space Solution


Anyone try the new update? Autel IM508 tells me there is not enough space to install the app…I have deleted all the vehicles I do not use. looking for advice.
Autel Im508 No Enough Space
Delete brands you don’t use to make space.
Factory Reset the Tablet. Install a 32Gb Micro SD Card and then reinstall everything.

Generally, for tools like MK808/MX808, the maximin storage capacity is 32 gb, so you may need a 32-gb SD card. For higher-end tools like MK908P, some would go up to 128 bg, even Ultra up to 256gb.

When your tablet didn’t have enough memory space, it’ll give you some tips such as how big and what format the SD card you should buy.


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