Advanced Smart Pro vs. Autel IM608 Key Programmer

Smart Pro Key Programmer or Autel MaxiIM IM608 you guys can tell what is better I want to get one of them?

Im608 Vs Smart Pro

Review from the locksmith who uses Autel IM608:

  1. The value for money that you will get for the Autel im608 is way more than Smart Pro.


  1. Autel hands down I have both and I don’t even use Smart Pro.


  1. Autel IM608 by miles.


  1. I have both Smart Pro and Autel IM608, honestly I prefer the Autel IM608.


And more people are using Autel IM608……


Review from those locksmiths who use both Autel IM608 and Smart Pro:  

  1. Autel IM608 for Asian and Euro; Smart Pro for domestic.

Typically SP is better for Ford, and I have not heard complaints about GM vehicles on either machine. So, first define what is your market.


More Autel IM608 Vehicle Coverage Inquiry:

Autel Im608 Vehicle Coverage


  1. Both of them Smart Pro and Autel IM608 are good.


  1. I have both and Smart Pro is very average it does simple very well but nothing else it’s a money pit.


  1. Smart Pro good for the new fords for the new Nissans you can program a key without nastf in the USA.


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