Tips to Program Volkswagen Passat CC 2012 ID48 Key with Autel IM608

Volkswagen Passat CC 2012 is done with Autel IM608 in Smart mode via obd.

I programmed 3-4 of them with the 608. No problems, but you have to do it on the bench. Read eeprom and write key via dump ( make delete key then learn the key all on bench).

You can pull CS and pin via eeprom. Make sure you get a good read of the eeprom, desolder it from the comfort module.

Read immo data.
Make dealer key.
Learn keys 2-2. Done.
Car went in programming mode from an idiot Who don’t generate dealer key.
He wants to add directly id48 on the car.
I made by obd with autel without problem.
Usually I clone it is safety way.
When you have already 1 key . Akl is this mode.

Autel Im608 Volkswagen Passat CC 2012 Add Key 1

Autel Im608 Volkswagen Passat CC 2012 Add Key 2

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