Lishi HU66 Gen 1&2 Single Lifter vs HU66 V3 Twin Lifter


There are two lishi for HU66- HU66 Gen 1&2 and HU66 V3.
I don’t understand difference. Which is better?
Lishu Hu66 V2 Vs V3

The obvious difference of course is one got two lifers and the other only gets one lifter.
The major difference is how you read them after you pick them.
Basically with the single lifter when you pick it you’re going to be reading it in the opposite direction that you picked it.

So say you pick space number one going this way when you actually go to read the lock you’ll be reading it the opposite direction.

and most of the Lishi is going to have a little black arrow pointing up and down right here that this applies to so you know you got to read the opposite the way you picked it

Lishu Hu66 V2 Vs V3 1

But now basically that’s going to be the main difference here with the twin lifter when you pick it you read it the same way you pick.

For example you know if were to pick position one going up then you would also read it up.

It’s not opposite and the lock we’re going to be using for this is off of VW beetle and it has a code on the lock the code is right there 0292

Lishu Hu66 V2 Vs V3 2

and ran that through a program here and i’ve got the bidding on it which is 13223243

Lishu Hu66 V2 Vs V3 3

and i cut a key on my xhorse dolphin ii for it.


Which one is better?

Single arm is easier to pick with but twin arm gives a better read once picked.  Twin arm is not hard to pick with.
I would recommend getting the twin lifter is better and decides the same direction.


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