Autel IM608 Program 2017 Jaguar XF All Keys Lost via OBD

2017 Jaguar XFAll Keys Lost successfully done with Autel IM608 Pro via OBD.
Generated the Key via “Key Clone AKL”.
5 Minute Job.
This feature was released with the last Mega Update.
You can ONLY use an Autel Universal Key. I mentioned “Autel Only” because the instructions say to use Autel Only. But my locksmith buddy said that it worked fine with the aftermarket JLR Fobs.
I lishi’d the door (HU101) and gave her a metal head key to hang on her keychain. Just incase the battery dies. If battery empty in this case you can’t put this key in emergency slot! You must tap the transponder on the side of the steering wheel in order to sync the fob with the vehicle after the Dealer Key is generated.
This model is an X260, coil is located on the left side of the steering wheel.
2012+ X250s have a coil on the underside of the steering wheel shroud.
2011 & Below X250s have the slot.
About 4 Months ago I was pulling out KVMs back to back. This feature is very very useful.
You can do this job with Londsor as well, their keys look like jlr keys.
Autel Im608 2017 Jaguar XF AKL 1 Autel Im608 2017 Jaguar XF AKL 2

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