OBDSTAR 2011 Fiat Ducato Car Starts Remote Not Working?

Problem: 2011 fiat ducato program key successfully with obdstar x300 pro4┬ábut remote not working. I’ve tried 3 different keys all same. Original remote was working and now isn’t working anymore. System is marelli with eeprom 95160.

Van starts with all of 3 different keys I made but remote doesn’t.



Possible solutions:


You need to disconnect battery and reconnect after you programmed new key always had similar y bit after I reconnected battery always my remote was working.


2). Try pull the grey plug in bsi out and put back in. also check if your remotes are sending a signal as I have had some keys that stopped sending signal when programmed with OBDSTAR.


3). Turn ignition on,hold unlock button 10 seconds.

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