Which Tool to Program VW Beetle 2015 All Keys Lost?

Which tool to program VW Beetle 2015 all keys lost?


1.VVDI2: Failed

Under key learn VVDI2 recognised the dash like Marelli with Motorola 9S12 2009+ UDS that looks wrong and can’t read it

when choose 4th immo Marelli NEC+95320 its read the immo with message that maybe it’s wrong and it’s wrong


2. Autel IM508/IM608 failed

Autel read the same wrong immo data


3. Smart Pro: failed

Today I tried Smart Pro and fail like with the other tools


4. AVDI: Yes

Just read the flash, and eeprom. ( Eeprom in circuit, 3volt ).
Avdi connects to the dash, it then asks for the eeprom and flash.
Then it adds the key you hold in the tagkeytool, direct in to the dash.

You emulated a key. That is ok.
If you programmed a key, by obd, perhaps you messed up the cluster.




70F34xx doesn’t have internal eeprom, these clusters use external SPI eeprom (similar to 95320).
Easy to read with some external SPI reader.

The dash is October 2015 SW is 0406 and I programmed id48 chip.

All tools that I have read the eeprom by OBD but after 2014 the eeprom is crypted and they can’t decrypt so only the eeprom is not enough.

From all tools that I have only AVDI have option to decrypt the eeprom with the flash data and programed working key.

I read it with autel xp400 the pinout is different than VVDI Prog.

After that I used AVDI and the car start.

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