Autel IM508 vs Launch X431 IMMO Elite

Is there any difference between launch x431 immo elite and Autel IM508?

Launch X431 Immo Elite

Autel Im508 Out Of Space 1

Launch x431 immo elite and autel IM508 are all powerful combinations of key programming/diagnostics/maintenance services. But there are still some differences between them:


From software side

1.X431 Immo Elite comes with x-prog3 programmer for immo and module clone function, while im508 you need xp400 to get more immo function.

2. More car brands immo software supported. x431 immo elite can support 90+ brands of independent anti-theft matching software for American, European, and Asian car models such as Benz, BMW, VW,etc. while the IM508 only support 80 vehicle brands.
3.Wider car brands covered. x431 immo elite support CAND/DOIP protocols to support more cars while the IM508 can not support (need 2nd generation IM508S).
4.More reset function supported. x431 immo elite has 39 commonly used reset functions while the IM508 has 24 reset functions.

5. x431 immo elite will do full system diagnostic, im508 only do basic diagnostic.
6.More languages supported. x431 immo elite can support 25 languages while the IM508 support 21.
7.x431 immo elite support the use of endoscope, BST360 and other expansion modules to make the diagnostic functions more powerful while the IM508 does not.
8.x431 immo elite support remote diagnosis, you can get help anytime or anywhere while the IM508 does not.
9.More immo functions supported. Except for Smart Mode for guided and automated key learning, Expert Mode for advanced key learning,Read PIN/CS (all key lost) , key generation, key learning, remote learning,IMMO ECU reset/adaptation, refresh/coding,Transpronder read/write, EEPROM/MCU read/write,our x431 immo elite still have ECU clone: Write the EEPROM and FLASH data of the original car ECU completely to the foreign ECU (including programming, coding, anti-theft, frame number, learning matching and other data), generally no need to operate other functions.


From hardware side
1.x431 immo elite‘s android system is Android 10.0, while IM508’s system is only Android 4.4, x431 has highest access system and you can do car diagnostics is more quickly and comfortably.
2.x431 immo elite’s memory is 4GB*64GB Memory(128gb can be extended), while IM508’s memory is 2GB*32GB Memory(extened storage), x431 improves the running speed, and install more required software without worrying about insufficient memory.
3.x431 immo elite’s screen made of gorilla glass, which provides exceptional damage resistance to the scratches, bumps and drops from everyday use.While the IM508‘s screen is a simple screen.
4.x431 immo elite’s screen size is 8”, which makes the diagnosis more clear.While the IM508‘s screen size is 7”.

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