Autel IM608 2020 Nissan Sentra AKL Asks for Pin Code?

When program 2020 Nissan Sentra all proximity keys lost (push to start), Autel im608 asks for a pin code. Already hooked up the 16+32 gateway adapter. Any idea how to move forward from here?

2020 Sentra Akl Im608 Asks For Pin Code

Here is the clue.

First of all, the 12+32 gateway adapter is for Add Key ONLY. Add key to Sentra 2020 does not require a pin code.

Password (Pin Code) Need for All Key Lost and IMMO Part Replacement. You Can Only Get the Password From Original Factory.

Dealer servers shut down, and no 3rd party resources available. Purchase pin only from dealer.

Lonsdor & OBDSTAR can also add key to Sentra B18 chassis bypass pin. They all require pin code if all keys lost.


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