Will Autel IM508 Program 2022- Ford F250 F350 Key?


Are there any issues with doing newer Push to Start Fords, 2022- F150 F250 F350 with Autel IM508?

Autel Im508 Program Ford F250 Key


Looking at the key slot on the door, if its vertical its hu101, if its horizontal its the newer hu198 key and will require dealer tool (NASTF+FDRS).

F150: All new fords from 21 f150 require dealer tool. You can still do the f250, 350,450etc and some of the explorer.


F250, F350: People have done some 2023 f250’s it’s rare you run across one with the new system.


2022 Software change for Mustang, Explorer, Transit, Expedition, and Edge.

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