Autel KM100 Progam Ford Kuga 2018 All Keys Lost with Active Alarm

Ford Kuga 2018 proximity all keys lost programming with active alarm im608 fail but Autel km100 instant input and programming ok. It never ceases to amaze.

If you order 2 keys either normal key or aftermarket, eye only if you proceed to delete keys.

no bypass needed.
If you do Ford all keys lost with KM100, you just have to have patience and have the vci connected to the usb cable, the same gives you the instructions to disconnect and connect the battery until it overturns the alarm I also made a 2020 Mustang AKL presence with the alarm active like this.

Autel Km100 Ford Kuga Akl
Just follow the instructions at the foot of the letter and what happens is that some technicians like everything instantly also the client will pay you the key whether you do it with the km100 a t300 or smart pro, in the world of programming in general everything is about solving the problem with the smartest investment possible.


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