OTOFIX IM1 vs Autel KM100

Which tool do you recommend, OTOFIX IM1 or Autel KM100? Is there a significant difference in functions?

Autel Km100 Vs Otofix Im1

The OTOFIX IM1 is closer to the im508. The km100 has much of the im1/im508’s functions but not all. I have km100, im508 and an otofix im2. I prefer the km100 for universal key generation but for immo work I grab the 508/im2 everytime. The km100 doesn’t do diag. The im1 will if you pay the extra fee for the diagnostic package.


If you had to choose between otofix im1 and autel im508 pro, which would you choose?

The IM508 update is expensive, the otofix update is cheaper and gives 2 years, and the KM100 is lifetime free update.

Honestly, it depends on your skill set and what you want from the tool. Basic key programming? Im1… more advanced with Benz/diag… etc…. im508 or the im2.


Both are very good, for a little more money you have memory reading eeprom and basic diagnostics with Otofix.

If you also want to read some memories EPROM the otofix or 508 serve you if you’re just going to generate some keys, choose the km100.


OTOFIX IM1 vs IM508 vs IM2 vs IM608 Pro

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