Autel KM100 2022 Honda Accord Registration has Failed Solution


Failed to program a new key on a 2022 Honda Accord when lost all keys with Autel KM100.

Error registration has failed, any solution?

Autel KM100 2022 Honda Accord Registration Has Failed 1


When it asks of the vehicle is 2020+ the ONLY correct answer is NO.
Once you Select YES you will damage the BCM.

There is plenty of TSB about this.

Autel KM100 2022 Honda Accord Registration Has Failed 2

In cars where the square key is used like the one in the photo, you have to answer that the vehicle is before 2022. It is a system error. Doing it wrong can damage the BCM. The other problem is that only some keys are accepted. The Autel ones don’t work for you. Xhorse key works.

Autel KM100 2022 Honda Accord Registration Has Failed 3

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You now have two options:
1: Tow car to Honda dealer for BCM replacement
2: Use Xhorse universal keys. No one knows why Xhorse universals will still work on this broken car, but they do.

Most likely the Xhorse key generates with certain page data already locked where as Autel & aftermarket lock when successfully programmed. Since the BCM can’t send the data to lock the chip anymore it explains why nothing else works.

The BCM can become damaged when trying to use an aftermarket programmer to add a key. The fix for this would be to have the vehicle towed to a Honda dealer and pay to replace the BCM and program new keys.

We can start the vehicle up and save the owner from having to take the car to the dealer spending a ton of money to replace the BCM just to get the car started.


However, there is a work around that I have read about on several locksmith forums. They say that you can actually get the vehicle to start using a generated Xhorse Universal Smart key. For some reason even though the BCM will no longer accept OEM or aftermarket keys, it will accept an Xhorse smart key.

Xhorse universal smart keys are actually really good quality keys people use them all the time.


Let’s go to Vehicle remote and go down to Honda.
We are going to look for Honad Accord, find the correct FCC ID.
You can see that it has CWTWB1G0090 FCC ID.

If you look this key is actually an online Cloud generated key only meaning that you have to be connected to the internet in order to generate this key.
You need vvdi key tool maxkey tool max pro or key tool plus. You know the KTM, KTMP or KTP stores the key in its database.
You cannot generate these online cloud-based remotes using vvdi mini key tool.

Let’s go ahead and generate the remote.
Then the key is ready to be programmed to the vehicle.

You can program the xhorse smart key generated with key tool plus, IM508 or other universal key programmers.

Honda Accord 2022 Xhorse Smart Key 1

Honda Accord 2022 Xhorse Smart Key 2

Honda Accord 2022 Xhorse Smart Key 3

Honda Accord 2022 Xhorse Smart Key 4

Honda Accord 2022 Xhorse Smart Key 5

BTW, if you select NO and you will be perfectly fine with Autel MaxiIM tools.


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