What programer do Audi A6L pre-2011 all key lost

Nowadays, many people program key for VAG Audi 4th generation immobilizer system and it does no need to remove J518 computer and engine computer for the Audi A6L-2.0T before 2011 when lost all keys.


Firstly, turn on the ignition switch, then open the fuse box, use a wire to connect the fuse 30A and 15A to force the engine computer to supply power.


Secondly, select any one of VW Audi key with NO.9 position and insert an 8E chip into it, then insert the key into the ignition switch, turn forward one gear to open the ignition switch. Then the air conditioner light flashes, but the dashboard light off because J518 computer is not unlock.


Explanation on the key with NO.9 cutting position

Generally speaking, there are 8 positions in the car door lock for VW Audi Porsche, there is only one cutting in the ignition, it is NO.9 position. We tend to think the key that is made according to the car door lock can directly turn on the ignition, and when the ignition can’t be turn on, we will think there are more lock wafers in the ignition than the car door lock. But, it is only one cutting in the ignition switch for Touareg, A6L, A8, Phaeto, the difference is it is in the position of No.9. Any one key with No.9 position cutting can turn on the ignition. Technically speaking, it is not a mechanical lock; it is only an electronic recognizer.


The key with 8 positions


The key with NO.9 Position


Thirdly, wait for 15 minutes, wait engine unlock.

Fourthly, use AVDI or VVDI Interface to enter engine system to read out firmware protecting number and password.


After the firmware protecting number is read out, hitch the 4th immo adapter round the key as the following picture shows.


Click “generate dealer key“, after success, click “Learn key”, then finish.


Finally, unplug the wire that connected to the fuse.


If the key is original blank key, then the remote control can generate automatically, if you think the original key is too expensive to afford, then you can also choose A6L package and add one receiver box, on the premise of that the key has good quality and the driver agree you to do like this, also you can choose dual-horse remote key without receiver box, but you have to use dual-horse device.


If you are a skillful locksmith, advice you use Condor X007 or Condor XC-Mini key cutting machine, it only costs half an hour.


In the whole procedure, I recommend the following tools:

Lishi Hu66 Auto pick & decoder for VW Audi (used to open door lock)

AVDI or VVDI (used to decode immobilizer)

Condor key cutting machine (used to cut key)

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