SKP900 programmed Mitsubishi Lancer 2012 key successfully

One of our customer has successful tested SKP900 key programmer on his Mitsubishi Lancer 2012 model.

“I just got skp900 package last week with the best price on sales… the lucky dog, you know.

items in the box included are:
– the SKP-900 Main Unit
– some cables
– some adapters
– Manual

Bought this tool for a couple of reasons:
– i need a key tool to do key programming for my Lancer 2012. Google and Talked with some users in forums, then skp-900 be the best choice.

– best price at 619US$) original but Cheap that makes me finish order here.

Here’s the photo of my car:



At the beginning, i went through the menu in the skp900… It is very easy to use… Just follow the screen instruction with four arrow buttons, YES/NO button, and keyboard button. No more worry about operation before this. Kids can do it, i think.

Then i began key programming for my Lancer
Screenshots of all the procedure are here

skp900-key-programmer-lancer-3 skp900-key-programmer-lancer-4 skp900-key-programmer-lancer-5 skp900-key-programmer-lancer-6 skp900-key-programmer-lancer-7 skp900-key-programmer-lancer-8 skp900-key-programmer-lancer-9 skp900-key-programmer-lancer-10 skp900-key-programmer-lancer-11 skp900-key-programmer-lancer-12 skp900-key-programmer-lancer-13 skp900-key-programmer-lancer-14 skp900-key-programmer-lancer-15

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