How to Program 2000 Renault Megane All Keys Lost

Renault key programming guide can be divided into 4 types according to car model year:

Pre-2016: Straight key, 60 chip.. Add key by CN900 MINI key copy machine.  Read BCM data and write key when all keys lost.

2006-2010: Smart card, ID46 chip. Read IMMO code with X300 key programmer then program key via OBD directly.

2010-2012: Smart card, 46 chip. Part of them can be done by SKP900, X300 via OBD.

2012-2015: cannot program via OBD. Require to read BCM dump and write key, can start car and use remote control.



Here is an example of Renault Megane 2000 year key programming under all key lost situation.

Step 1:

Disassemble BCM computer


Open BCM, locate CPU 1K20C chip MC68HC705B16



Desolder the CPU chip to Xprog ECU programmer. Read data and then save it.


Step 2: Write Key

Use Tango or TM100 key programmer to write key (here we use TM100)

Selecy KeyMaker->Renault->Megane->2000


Click on “Open Dump File” to upload CPU 1K20C dump data just read.

TM100 key programmer will show original key number and immobilizer information


Select key position to be programmed. Place a 60 chip into TM100’s coil, click on Write Key


TM100 software will write 60 chip data to CPU and generate new file


Rewrite new file back to CPU (MC68HC705B16), reinstall BCM to car.

Now you can start car with the new programmed key.

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