Set up FNR Key Prog 4 in 1 to Program Renault Megane Key card

Here is an easy way to program a new key card for Renault Megane II using FNR Key Prog 4 in 1 & dealer true code software, no need pin code!


First of all, you need the Renault+Nissan+Ford Key Prog 4-in-1, $69 free shipping here:



the software CD will come with The FNR 4-in-1 Key Prog, so you don’t need to download the software online, but if needed, you can Download FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 software here:

Password: ADKTECH


Part1: install the software

When you got the package, take out the CD, run it on your windows xp laptop

Copy those files in the CD to desktop, open the “setup” file


Run “setup” file to install TrueCode, click OK


Then follow the prompt to complete setup


Run “setup1” in “r+n” file

Select language

Click next to start installing TrueCode version 2.3.1 on hte computer

The setup will install TrueCode to C:\Program Files\ TrueCode, click Next


You can choose “creat a desktop icon” and “creat a quick Launch icon”, then click Next

Click install and wait until installation complete, then click finish to exit setup.


The computer will find new hardware by itself, choose install from a list of specific location(advanced), and click next


The location is “r+n” file-> USB driver -> USB driver file, then click next to begin install


Click finish when setup complete

Note: the USB driver setup wizard may pop out again, just install again


You should change the COM Port Number:

Right click “my computer” and open “Manage”-> “Device Manage”->”Ports(COM&LPT)”

Right click the ”USB Serial Port” and choose “Port settings”->”advanced”, then change the COM Port Number to COM12


Part2: Program Renault Megane II key card

Run “TrueCode” application on the desktop

choose “Renault Diagnostic” section as picture show.


Select car model “Renault Megane II”, click “Connect to selected vehicle” then click “Start Program”.


Place the first key into the reader. Click “OK” and wait. It will show “PIN accepted”, click “OK”.


Now it will show “Procedure Successful” that means FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 key programmer make Renault Megane II new key card OK!


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