How to Program BMW 520i E39 1999 EWS3 Immo System

This is a BMW 520i E39 1999 model year (manual transmission, Left-hand drive, EWS3). There is a working key and we have to register the key to start the vehicle.


(Note: The tutorial was translated from Russian, for educational purpose only)


In order to register a key in the BMW, you will need a key programmer AVDI Abrites (FVDI or Xhorse VVDI2) and ecu chip programmer XPROG-M .


How to register a key in BMW?

Background information about the keys and immobilizer EWS3.


From the picture above we can see that the original key (right), is different from the non-original (left).


In addition, if you look unoriginal key, there we will see:

  • Neutral transponder PCF7935 (chip)
  • Charge keychain for the vehicle control central lock
  • The battery, which can not be charged by antenna ignition.


In the original key of the car the BMW , all completely different.


Connecting Abrites and Tag Key Programmer to a computer to read data from both keys.


Here is the dump of the original key of our BMW 5 series E39- .


But the dump clean PCF7935 , with whom we work.

Since describe key binding process, I would like to mention the following moment. In vehicles brand BMW , in bodies E38 , E39 , E46 and E53 , mainly installed immobilizer unit EWS 3 . So initially the factory, in the block 10 the keys are inscribed, 3 of which are given on a first arm of the car owner. And the other, as the first loss can be ordered through a dealer. Therefore, as such procedures registration key in these cars do not have.

New keys programming algorithm for BMW these years, is as follows:

  • Read EEPROM of the immobilizer unit with EWS 3
  • Key generation code according to the read out EWS 3
  • Record the generated code in the net chip PCF7935 or a new key.


New key entry procedure car BMW , in the immobilizer unit EWS3.

Thus, go and start working.


Block Immobilizer EWS 3 , the car BMW in E39 body, located above the pedals, left.


Remove it.


We reach from the housing board.


Our immobilizer is assembled on a microcontroller Motorola mask 0D46J . Read it with programmer XPROG box.


Open the program, go to the Device s – Immobilizersthe BMWof EWS3 ..


See the setup diagram.


According to the scheme, connect the programmer Xprog-M with the immobilizer unit EWS 3 .


Press the button the Read


Motorola 0D46J read.


If you click the Tag Key Tools , you will see a lot of interesting information. For example, the real (if the EWS , there was no trace of the connection), the mileage of the car, the VIN , ten keys, etc. prescribed.


Now that we have the firmware, run the program Abrites .


Choosing utility Tag Key Tool and choose her BMW EWS3. 68HC911EA9. The EML or PCF7935 .


Press the button the Load the Dump . Select the firmware read from immobilizer and select Key 4 PCF7935 / the EML unused (not used).


Press the button the Prepare Key . The program will ask us: “Do you wish to program the original key BMW (EML) Click NO if you are using PIT (PCF793x) transponder?”.


We record an ordinary chip 7935, so click No , and recording starts.


If the key code writing process in the transponder goes well, the first window will appear: “The transponder is programmed.”


And then: “Programming is finished you can use the key..”


For interest, we read what data is written to the chip.

And so, then, we have written transponder and the modified program Abrites  dump block the EWS . To our new keys work, you must write this dump back into the immobilizer unit.

The new key in BMW5 5-series E39 is registered, the car start. Left register RB to the key buttons can be controlled with central vehicle locking.


How to register a key button, a BMW car, to control central locking?

The following procedure is relevant for cars the BMW , in bodies of E38 , E39 , the E46 and E53 . It must carry out, such as low battery or remote control to bind a new key buttons.


Option 1 – In the presence of have one working key.

To perform this procedure, we will need the key that already registered in the car, and the key to be programmed.

  1. We sit in the car, close all doors and windows.
  2. Insert a working key into the ignition and turn it to “1”.
  3. Turn the key to “0” and remove the key from the ignition.
  4. On your way click “Open” button and holding it down 3 times, click “Close” button.
  5. Let go of the “Open” button. After that, the door closed and then opened.
  6. Now the new (non-working) key, just press the “Open” button and hold it down 3 times the “Close” button.
  7. Let go of the “Open” button. Car doors should be closed and again open.

After these steps are both remote control will control the vehicle CL.


Option 2 – Work key not only have a new (non-working) key.

To perform this procedure, we need only one key, which is necessary to register the vehicle.

  1. Insert the key into the ignition and fast 5 times turn it from “0” to “1”.
  2. Remove the key from the ignition.
  3. Click “Open” button and holding it down, 3 times click “Close.”
  4. Let go of the “Open” button.
  5. If available, there is another unprogrammed key, you must repeat the third item within 30 seconds.
  6. Insert the key into the lock and turn on the ignition.

The procedure for programming the car key fob CZ completed.


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