Toyota Auris 2016 Lost key Immo Box FAQ


Toyota Auris 2016 lost key
have car in workshop
Toyota auris 2016 year d4d engine
lost keys
i have key from toyota dealer, in key chip H
need full info where immo boxs?
it is to same corolla?under dash?



Yes, still behind the vent.
H types immoboxes can not be reset.
You will need to repace it, with a virgin box.
Or one with atleast a master key added box.
Only H smart boxes can be done by obd for now.

It is mainly the heating unit that is not giving you room.
I am not sure if it is bolted, from the engine space side.
I use some airwedges before to gain some space.
If the owner does not mind:
Cut the wires, and just place a used box somewere else.
Synch ecu 30 min. And job done.

i take out immo boxs
immo boxs nmn 89780-02130
no eeprom in side
need change
what tools to use to synch new immo boxs and ecu?



This is the special Toyota tool needed.

Synch tool Toyota

Turn ignition on, with master key.
Connect (bridge) short obd position 13 to 4.
Leave this for just over 30 mininutes.
Then remove the special tool, and turn ignition off.
Then start the car, job (ecu reset) done.

Problem solved
buy second hand immo boxs incl. 2 keys
fitting and reset ecu
car starting
tested 100% work

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