Yanhua ACDP Adds JLR 2018 Onwards Duplicate Key via OBD

Yanhua Mini ACDP will release a new function (being tested): program key for Jaguar / LandRover 2018 onwards via OBD including adding a new key and program key when all keys lost.


Please be informed:

  1. No need extra interface board, it is done by OBD.

Please connect ACDP with vehicle OBDII port and BAV-key adapter correctly:

Mini Acdp Jaguar Landrover After 2018 Obd 01
  1. This function temporarily only supports JLR models without comfort access feature. If duplicate a new key for the luxury-equipped models, there will be only key buttons remote control and emergency start function, and will not have the comfort access and keyless go features.


  1. The new key must be a special key that can change ID (i.e Lonsdor JLR 2018- key).


  1. Must select the key position with key ID to duplicate a key.
  2. Provide ACDP Mini serial number to us to activate JLR 2018- license for test purpose (It is FREE!)


Next, let’s go to Mini ACDP APP to operate.

Enter “Jaguar / LandRover”, and then “OBD duplicate key / All-key-lost (2018-) (Trial Function)”

Mini Acdp Jaguar Landrover After 2018 Obd 02

Have these options:

Identify system info

Program key (Add key)

Program key (All -key-lost)

Identify key info

Modify special key ID

Mini Acdp Jaguar Landrover After 2018 Obd 03

Identify key info: Please connect the BAV-key adapter to the ACDP and put the key correctly on the BAV-key adapter.

Yanhua Mini Acdp Jlr Identify Key Info 1

Modify special key ID:  Please connect the BAV-key adapter to the ACDP and put the key correctly on the BAV-key adapter.

Yanhua Mini Acdp Jlr Identify Key Info 2

Then, go to any of ” Program key (Add key)” or ” Program key (All -key-lost)” according to your need.

The next operation is easy by following the on-screen guide.


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