Autel IM508 Adds All System Special Functions and Active Test

The Autel 808 series has been upgraded with new functions added. Stay up to date with new features to get more out of your tool!

Note that Autel IM508 also adds all system special functions and active test.

Adds all system, special functions and active test
[Applicable Models]

MK808/ MK808BT/ MK808TS
MX808/ MX808TS
TS608/ IM508

Support Battery Testing function, compatible with BT506
[Applicable Models]

MK808BT/ MK808TS/ MP808BT/ MP808TS
MX808TS/ DS808BT/ DS808TS

Compatible with Endoscopes Extends Camera Reach
MV105 & MV108
[Applicable Models]

MK808/ MK808BT/ MK808TS/
MP808/ MP808BT/ MP808TS
MX808/ MX808TS/ DS808/
DS808BT/ DS808K/ DS808TS

Autel 808 Series Update

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