Where to Hold the Emergency Blades in Autel Smart Keys?


What is everyone using to hold the emergency blades in the Autel universal keys?

Do the universal remotes have a space for an emergency key? Flip key?
Autel Key Blade
It does have a space for an emergency key. Flip key is available soon.

You can use superglue.

You can also drill a hole and put a pin that’s all you’re using same xhorse blades.

I tap a M3 hole and use a M3 x 4mm grub screw. Works good.


User feedback:

I got the key installation down to about 1 minute install.
no glue needed.
xhorse/keydiy. flip key blank
2.0×4 roll pin.
5/64 drill bit.
drill the key blank thru the hole, takes just a few seconds to drill it, it’s easy.
then slide key in and tap roll pin in and ur good to go.
it is quicker then installing a roll pin in a flip remote.
5/64 drill bit is the perfect size.
the roll pin was just a hair toilet tall, took Drexel 2 seconds to clean it up.

Fit Autel Key Blade 1

Fit Autel Key Blade 2



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