Autel IM608 Program Smart 453 2018 Key

Reprogramming an old smart 453 key, 2018, Password (immediately) – ok and after learning both Keys – Total 5 minutes with Autel IM608. With voltage stabilizer.

When you go to program a key on Smart 453 you have to launch the command “read password” and autel first reads the flash then rewrites it and at the end gives the password.

In my hand Working key – and addition of an older key, from the same car. The process took less than 5 minutes with battery support. No Akl process.

Autel Im608 Smart 453 2018 Key 1

Autel Im608 Smart 453 2018 Key 2

Autel Im608 Smart 453 2018 Key 3

Did 2 weeks ago one smart 453 2016 need to read password in i think about 25 minutes.


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