2 Ways to Program 2017 Toyota Prius All Keys Lost with Autel IM608

How to program 2017 Toyota Prius hybrid Keyless all keys lost using Autel IM508/IM608?



Method 1:

Very simple use apb112 and it takes 5 mins.

You need to generate a master key with the apb112 then use it to add a key.

Autel+apb112+ xhorse xm38, easy and no need to adjust xm38’s frequency.

The procedure is the same as here

Autel IM608 Program 2019 Toyota Tacoma All Keys Lost


Method 2:

You can do it without the apb12 just have to do a smart box reset and wait the 16min.

Much easier and cheaper to do it with the apb112 way. And besides it can be used for other things also.

Just make sure to have the right key.

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