Launch X431 IMMO Plus Adds VAG MQB NEC35XX Key

Launch X431 IMMO tablets IMMO PAD/IMMO Pro/IMMO Plus/+ X-PROG3 programmer program key for VW MQB NEC35XX system.


Launch X-Prog3 V10.80 Adds VAG MQB NEC35XX IMMO

If you are not sure if your model can be done by x431 immo tablet, provide vehicle model, year, VIN and cluster number to us to confirm.


Here is the demo instruction to add key to MQB system using x431 immo tablet.


Model example:
2019 VW Magotan


Menu path:
Go to Anti-Theft Key Matching->Key Learning

Launch X431 Vag Mqb 1

Launch X431 Vag Mqb 2

Connect IMMO tablet with X-prog iii programmer as following

Launch X431 Vag Mqb 3

Select MQB Anti-theft->Platform mode (bench)->Remove to read immobilizer data-> Direct connection diagram->NEC35XX

Launch X431 Vag Mqb 4

Launch X431 Vag Mqb 5

Launch X431 Vag Mqb 7

Select cluster chip type
Supported following chip types

Launch X431 Vag Mqb 8


Check mcu processor

Here we choose D70F3529

Launch X431 Immo Plus Add Key Vw Mqb 5

2 Ways to read immo data
Lift pin or track cut
same as vvdi.

Launch X431 Vag Mqb 9

Choose lift pin method here

Select Decrypt Flash & EEPROM

Check wiring diagram and connect immo tablet with the cluster, connect tablet with diagnostic connector via USB

Launch X431 Vag Mqb 10

Launch X431 Immo Plus Add Key Vw Mqb 8

Launch X431 Immo Plus Add Key Vw Mqb 9


Read chip ID

Launch X431 Vag Mqb 11

Full backup data
read and save flash & eeprom

Launch X431 Vag Mqb 12

Select Decrypt Flash & EEPROM again
select immo data just saved

Launch X431 Vag Mqb 14

Launch X431 Vag Mqb 15

You will get CS code

Launch X431 Vag Mqb 16

Select Generate dealer key

Launch X431 Immo Plus Add Key Vw Mqb 14


Place the original key into x431 immo tablet x-prog3 programmer
Read original data successfully
Insert a blank key into x-prog3
Select VW
Generate dealer key successfully

Launch X431 Vag Mqb 17

Launch X431 Vag Mqb 18

Select Key Learning

Launch X431 Vag Mqb 19

Input key number you need to learn: 2
Confirm the key is keyless smart key.

Place the original key into the Induction coil and turn on the ignition to ON position

Launch X431 Immo Plus Add Key Vw Mqb 17

Enter key learning mode
learn 1st key

Launch X431 Immo Plus Add Key Vw Mqb 18

Place 2nd key into the Induction coil

learn 2nd key

Launch X431 Immo Plus Add Key Vw Mqb 19

save new key data.
Test both keys.



FYI: Launch X431 IMMO tablets will also clone MQB cluster.

Select MQB cluster replacement
Follow same procedure above to read cluster data by lifting pin method.
Save Flash & EEPROM data,
Replace used cluster does not require lift pin.
Write Flash to the new used cluster.
Install used cluster back to vehicle, no need to program cluster.

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