Launch X431 IMMO Plus adds VW Audi MQB Gearbox Replacement

Launch X431 IMMO tablets supports VW Audi IMMO4, IMMO5, MQB and MLB platform gearbox module replacement function.


Compatible devices: Launch X431 IMMO Pad/IMMO Pro/IMMO Plus/IMMO Elite

Supported gearbox models:

DQ200 MQB (0AM) IMMO4 or MQB
VL381 (0AW) IMMO5
DL501 Gen2 (0B5) IMMO5
DQ380/DQ381/DQ500 IMMO4 or MQB
DQ200G2 IMMO4 or MQB
DL501 Gen1 (0B5) IMMO5
DL382-7F MLB
DQ500 Continental IMMO4 or MQB


Replacement method 1: Cloning. 

If the data of the gearbox module in the original vehicle is normal, X431 technicians can perform module cloning directly.


Replacement method 2: Matching

If the data of the gearbox module cannot be read, follow steps below to clone.

1. Select IMMO Prog and back up data of the external gearbox module.
2. Install the external gearbox module
Use the IMMO function menu to enter the vehicle model software to perform “Gearbox Module Replacement”
Back up and parse anti-theft data from one IMMO module in the original vehicle (i.e remote key or engine module)
.Load the data of the external module and parse the anti-theft data out for replacement and programming.

Launch X431 Mqb Gearbox Replace 1 Launch X431 Mqb Gearbox Replace 3

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