How to Solve OBDSTAR Tools Register Problems?

Here collects some frequently asked registration problems and solutions of OBDSTAR tools.



1. Error 899: Incorrect user name or password when login device after registration

Obdstar 899 Incorrect User Name 1


Registration is not completed or successful, register the device again.



2.  Error 893: The username has been registered, please use other user name

Obdstar 899 Incorrect User Name 2


Change other user name and register again, it should be fine.



3. Error 812: Unregistered.

Obdstar 899 Incorrect User Name 3


Wrong dealer code input. Input this dealer code: 0086A002



4. Error Abnormal network connection.

Obdstar Register Problem

Obdstar Register Problem 2


Server or network issue.

If the OBDSTAR server is under maintenance, register later.

If the server is normal, change to another stable network connection.



5. Register device ok, but failed to download software

Obdstar Failed To Download Software


Wait a few minutes and try again. If still failed, change network and download software.



6. Error 876: Product not registered for sale

Obdstar Error 876


Provide the device serial number to customer service. We will have it manually activated by OBDSTAR engineer, then try to register again with correct dealer code.



7. Error 843: None product

Obdstar None Product


1.Device is not yet registered. Register device and log in.

2. Wrong user name input, input correct user name.



8. Error Abnormal configuration quantity

Obdstar Abnormal Configuration Quantiny


Run one-key update. If failed, clear DP information and update again.

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