Autel IM508 2020 Kia Forte Smart Key in Invalid Solution


Today I had problem with 2020 Kia Forte, smart key.
I bought 2 keys, part number 95440-M6000. They come in original boxes and are supposed to be brand new OEM keys.
Internal circuit board and part number on the board matches original key.
PIN was from dealer (Autel IM508 couldn’t get PIN from this car).
Tried to program key – original key gets programmed back to the car without any problems, when tried new key – “smart key is invalid”.
Tried both brand new keys like 20 times – same result, no luck.
Any ideas what that can be and what to do?

Autel Im608 2020 Kia Forte Key


It turned out that 2019-2021 Kia Forte has TWO types of smart key – 95440-M6000 and 95440-M7001. They look absolutely identical inside out, even markings on circuit board. The only way to get correct key – ask dealer for correct part number by VIN.

Already checked at the dealer (with VIN) – this particular car has M7001 smart key.

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