OBDSTAR/Autel Ford 2019 Security Access Failed Solution

Here comes a similar problem:

It’s a Ford Ranger 2019 (will happen on other new Ford with active alarm). It’s a hu101 blade key with 49 chip and 433 remote. Tried with Autel IM508 also OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus both failed.

Have two keys to program. Tried to de active alarm but can’t. It’s gets stop but there is no sound after it stop but there is no horn. And can’t add key or erase key.

Obdstar 2019 Ford Ranger Security Access Failed 1

Obdstar 2019 Ford Ranger Security Access Failed 2


Ford must always do 2 keys with all keys lost otherwise it does not work.

Need to use bypass cable. Doesn’t matter blade or smart key.
Blade or smart key doesn’t make a difference, it’s the same process!!
You have to use the Ford AKL bypass cable to disable the active alarm.

You have to disable the alarm before you can program keys. You have to disconnect the battery and have the scan tool control on/off so as soon as power is given to the car the scan tool can disable the alarm before it goes off.

With Autel IM508/IM608 you need to use the GBOX.
With obdstar you use the ford akl bypass cable.

With xhorse you use the xhorse Ford AKL bypass cable.
the Ford akl bypass cable is by far the easiest way to do it

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