Autel IM608 Failed to Read BMW Bosch DME ISN solution


Working on a 2012 BMW X5 CAS 3++ISTAP with Autel IM608.
Trying to read 32-digit ISN from BOSCH DME.
I have All the wires connected to the right pins. GBox2 is powered with 12v.
Jbox is connected to Gbox2.
First time around Gbox2 went through an update. Then I was hit with this screen, Any ideas what Can be the issue? Did Update mess up my gbox?

Autel Im608 Bmw Bosch Isn 1

Autel Im608 Bmw Bosch Isn 3



Buy GBOX3 adapter. To read ISN from BMW Bosch DMEs, you will need g-box3 instead of Gbox2.

Or use gbox2 but give power to ecu from godiag breakout box or other sources…did i have same problem with my gbox2 dosent give 12v on output, i need to give from godiag bench tester to make it work.

unplugg all wires and 12v sources and try to reconect again, also on autel restart the process from 0. need to use 12v output from godiag.




Problem solved by gbox3.

Autel Im608 Bmw Bosch Isn 4

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